Pharmacy Machine

blister sealing machine Sheet for 10pcs Size 000# Capsules

The blisters are manufactured at our advanced production line using hard or soft temper aluminum foil with lacquer coating that helps in effective sealing. Highly recommended for standard blister packs. Also, our blister provides good barrier to moisture.

$59.40 - 3000.00
DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine Main drive

Main drive unit provides touch screen control and PLC control system that makes control more simple and convenient.

Tablet Capsule Counting Machine HD-100

This machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, hospitals, food industries of the capsule, tablet, granule drugs or food counting, bottle, bagging. The machine has the advantages of small volume, light weight, low noise, accurate counting, convenient operati

Automatic Grinder YF-150

Automatic Grinder. The machine is driven by a powerful motor to give the grinder blade extra speed, high-strength impact and a comprehensive crushing force. The machine is unique in its ability to grind fibrous, soft and lightweight materials.

Semi-automatic tablet and capsule counting machine YL-2A

This machine has been designed and developed to count & fill different shapes or size of products accurately like soft gel capsules, hard capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into containers

DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine Trough-Mixer

Trough mixer adopts a Z-chip to rotate in the groove container in different angles. It is made of stainless steel, with the different speed and the outline of stainless chip, it mixes materials very well. The whole container can rotate at a 180 degree aft

DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine V-Mixer

V-Mixer consists of two cylinders made into asymmetrical, so that the materials produced by the reciprocating motion of the severity of impact, ran the purpose to achieve uniform mixing, with no dead ends, no accumulation of material, speed and so on.

DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine Coating Ball

Coating ball adopts a linking gear to connect all kinds of coating balls and the driving main engine, facilitating operators to produce coating materials uniformly in a correct angle.

DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine Oscillating Sifter

When rocking, it forces the granular solids to be screened by mesh, so you can choose the desired materials of mesh standard. There are screens of two sizes.

DGN-II Multi-functional Pharmaceutical R&D Machine Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator adopts rocking and rotating granular solids to make granular solids pass the desired mesh belt, with its max productivity of 30 kg/h, which depends on the materials and the meshes of two different sizes.




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