TDP-1.5 Parts

TDP-1.5 Pill Press Machine Parts, lower punch die, Feeder, Motor, Flywheel, ect...

Upper Punch Core Bar for TDP-1.5

The upper core punch bar and connecting rod are part of the upper punch assembly. The top die is inserted into the upper core punch bar which is attached to the eccentric sleeve and eccenter using the connecting rod.

Base plate for TDP-0&TDP-1.5

The Base Plate holds the ring die in place during tablet formation.

Accessories Parts part Handle Cover for TDP-0&1.5

Handle Cover for TDP-0&1.5

Accessories Parts Big Pulley For TDP-0&1.5


TDP-0&1.5 Accessories Parts Feeder Rocker Arm

The Feeder Rocker Arm rides in the Feeder Cam track that attaches to the Drive Shaft. The Feeder Rocker Arm moves the Bucket Feeder which holds the granular material that is being pressed. The rocking motion of the Feeder Rocker Arm fills the ring die m

Accessories Parts Gear Plate For TDP-0&1.5

The Gear Plate locks the 2 Adjusting Gears located on the lower punch core bar

Accessories Parts Lift Cam/Feeder Cam For TDP-0&1.5

The Lift Cam turns on the main drive shaft of the tablet press and lifts the tablet out of the ring die using the Lift Pole. This part can wear out quickly and can easily be damaged during routine adjustment of the machine. Keep the part well greased s

Accessories Parts Spindle Drive Shaft For TDP-0&1.5

he drive shaft is the heart of the tablet press machine. All major parts are attached to the drive shaft and as the motor or flywheel turn it, the parts work to form the tablets. How does it work? The big gear sits to the far left of the drive shaft, th

Accessories Parts Belt For TDP-0&1.5


Accessories Parts Adjusting Gear For TDP-0&1.5 (2PCS)

The adjusting gear sits below the gear plate and by turning the gear left or right, you can adjust the tablet depth.




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