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Environment for installation and using: room temperature, and please do not use the machine in the environment of high temperature, humid, acid or alkaline, otherwise the service life, efficiency and precision of the machine will be affected.
For Capsule & Tablet Counting Machine HD-100, Use a 19mm socket wrench to remove the M12 acorn nut from the top of the spindle, and then remove the gland. When installing the counting mold, please adjust the distance between the upper closing ring of the cover and the counting mold to be 1mm, and ensure there is no collision, and the install the gland.
The machine adopts electromagnet for vibration, which is stable and reliable. Unique design, and it is easy for the operator to check the counting accuracy. Small in size, light in weight, and is easy to operate. It is applicable to pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries. It is suitable for counting capsules, tablets, and granules.
The pharmaceutical industry is developed together with machinery, industry, and computers and many new ways of packing medications have been produced. The initial packing technology also has evolved due to the development of new technologies, so does the bottling line. The core part of the bottling line is quantitation, mainly dividing into counting and weighing. Because of the accuracy, cost, speed and other reasons, more than 80% of the capsules and tablets on the market are quantitated by counting.
The automatic counting machine is a counting and filling device for solid preparations, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, health care products, food, pesticide and other industries. It is suitable for tablets, soft and hard capsules, and the like. This equipment can be used alone or as a complete bottling line with other bottling equipment.