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Auger Powder Filling Machine HZF-B Precautions -Thursday, September 19, 2019
A ground wire must be used before the powder dosing machine is used. Please confirm whether the voltage is consistent with the specifications of the machine before use. If the power cord, plug or other parts are found to be damaged, they must be stopped. Please replace and repair them with professional personnel to avoid injury.
Auger Powder Filling Machine HZF-C Precautions -Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Start mixing when loading, avoiding the occurrence of materials on one side and less on one side, and distributing evenly in the hopper. You must follow the steps in the instruction manual when you first dispense. Otherwise, the filling accuracy and error correction cannot be performed or adjusted. Before the formal filling, let the machine start the next time, so that the screw inside the cup is full of materials.
The parts of the equipment have been adjusted before leaving the factory. However, during transportation and handling, the fasteners may loosen and cause position changes. In addition, the relevant parts need to be adjusted when replacing the filling parts. And adjustments should be made to the machine before the official use:
The main body of this machine is the gantry-type made by carbon steel. The main spindle junction with the partial core gear and the cam. The rocker arm and the hand shank are on the right of the spindle. When turn the main spindle by manual, then it can cause the Partial core gear, cam, lifting poker, feeder to turn ,do different lifting movement.
This machine is a manual type single punch tablet press machine. It can punches round tablets less than 12mm,this single press machine applicable to the pharmacy, chemical industry, food service, medical establishment or other places to apply.
Set up the dies: At first demount the hopper, feeder, middle die plate, after that wash the middle die plate, die, hole of die, keep them dry and clean. Then according to the following steps:
This machine is cuboid, it consists of bearing frame, reducer box and machine seat. The hopper is connected with bearing frame, and stretch out of the machine. The design of front-end is standing-out, so when you put the machine in the ground, it is stable. So you don not need to install the machine, it is free to be placed indoors.
Applicable for different size round, square bottles and containers without any change parts. 1 set of rotary bottle clamping fixtures can make the bottles out of the conveyor onto the air blower nozzles and turnning up side down. Safety guards for the protection of the operator.
Before start the machine, must check no sundries, like: spanner, screw and so on. Check the power supply, air supply is normal. The electric wire, or air pipe is no broken.
Make sure the whole machine is complete and no damage during the delivery when open the packing. The machine should be placed level in the room. In order to produce safely ,you should connect the line to the ground in the signed place.