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Advantage of Grinding Herbs into Fine Powder -Monday, September 30, 2019
Powdering herbs is one of the most common ways to take it. This method of taking is not only convenient, which is easy to add flavor to the food, but also the utilization efficiency of the medicine is improved.
Rotary Tablet Press ZPW17/19D Installation -Sunday, September 29, 2019
ZPW17/19D Rotary Tablet Press and powder-sucking auxiliary machine are installed in two wooden cases separately to avoid being damaged by impact during transportation. The transportation and installation of machine must comply with the following rules:
Powder packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of powder materials in chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products. In the pharmaceutical industry, the powder packing machine is also a widely-used equipment, which can tightly package powder medicines, isolate the outside air, prevent moisture and pollution, and ensure the safety of medicines.
This machine integrates automatic rotation, frequency-conversion, speed—adjusting with continuous tablet-pressing. It is mainly used for the manufacture of tablet in pharmaceutical industry, it also applies to press the granular material into tablet in the industry of chemical, food, electronic etc.
Powder Packaging Machine Maintenance Tips -Friday, September 27, 2019
In recent years, the powder packaging machine market has maintained rapid growth. they are widely used in both food and pharmaceutical industries. On the basis of the past, the powder packaging machine is constantly self-improving, aiming at humanized operation and paying attention to the perfect combination of product quality and appearance, which greatly saves the labor cost and improves the production quality.
QVC Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying Common Problem -Friday, September 27, 2019
The loading machine can not be loaded or the loading ability is small. Please check the following procedure.
There are more and more variable information that need to be printed on the drug label. In order to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical product packaging, the product label must be printed with the product batch number and expiration date. The ribbon coding machine provides a coding solution for pharmaceutical packaging.
QVC Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying Maintenance -Wednesday, September 25, 2019
It is required to be room temperature, and it is not easy to use it in high temperature, humidity, acid and alkaline environment, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.
An anti-counterfeit label is an identifier that can be posted and printed on a product to be guarded. Not all products have anti-counterfeit labels, and not all products without security labels are fakes. In general, the posting of anti-counterfeit labels is a powerful way for companies to maintain their own brands.
Check whether the whole machine stands stably before power-on, whether the components are connected firmly, and whether the wires and plugs are damaged. Turn on the power cord and the power switch of the machine to make the inverter operation panel display 0.00. If you do not display 0.00, press the DSP repeatedly or rotate the adjustment knob FREQ SET counterclockwise.