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The vacuum powder conveyor automatically transports the material to the hopper of the crusher or packaging machine, which greatly reduces the production cost and is favored by many industries. It is the ideal powder/granular/mixture material conveying equipment, perfectly dealing with problems related to powder contamination or spillage.
LF1080 Series Continuous Air Suction band sealer/Gas Flushing is our patented product.This machine is designed according to newest market demand, it can be used for vacuum,sealing and date print.And it is simple,beautiful,multifunctional.
At present, automatic conveyors are becoming more and more popular, and people are increasingly demanding the product's conveying strength, food grade, anti-corrosion grade, and aesthetics. The vacuum powder conveyor adopts a streamlined cone structure, which realizes the transportation without material storage. It can meet the application of different environments, and can be applied to all walks of life.
Environment for installation and using: room temperature, and please do not use the machine in the environment of high temperature, humid, acid or alkaline, otherwise the service life, efficiency and precision of the machine will be affected.
For Capsule & Tablet Counting Machine HD-100, Use a 19mm socket wrench to remove the M12 acorn nut from the top of the spindle, and then remove the gland. When installing the counting mold, please adjust the distance between the upper closing ring of the cover and the counting mold to be 1mm, and ensure there is no collision, and the install the gland.
The machine adopts electromagnet for vibration, which is stable and reliable. Unique design, and it is easy for the operator to check the counting accuracy. Small in size, light in weight, and is easy to operate. It is applicable to pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries. It is suitable for counting capsules, tablets, and granules.
In recent years, the types of labeling machines are gradually increasing, and the skill level has also been greatly improved. If the label does not adhere properly to the bottle, it will increase cost and reduce productivity. In general, the common faults of the labeling machine are blistering, wrinkles, incorrect label position, and label detachment, etc.
Wet granulation is a method in which a liquid adhesive is added to powder, and the powder is agglomerated by bridging or bonding of the adhesive to prepare granules. This method can improve the fluidity, compressibility and content uniformity of the premix.
Put the unsealed soft pipe on the sealing glide and push it to the heater, which hold together automatically to pre-heat the rear of the soft pipe and separate until the heating reaches a necessary time and temperature. Push the second mold, which is leaning against the first one, onto the glide to the clips when the sealing point at the first pipe is about to melt. Pre-heat the pipe between the clips before they fold again after the first operation.
FZX Series Spiral Filling Machine is easy to operate. And while operating the machine, here are some things need to be paid attention to.