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Applicable for different size round, square bottles and containers without any change parts. 1 set of rotary bottle clamping fixtures can make the bottles out of the conveyor onto the air blower nozzles and turnning up side down. Safety guards for the protection of the operator.
Different Types of Heat Shrinkable Film -Friday, September 6, 2019
Heat shrinkable film is a common packaging film. In packaging applications, it is often used to heat the shrinkage characteristics to achieve a skin packaging or bundle wrapping. It can also be used to protect content from contamination or damage.
Before start the machine, must check no sundries, like: spanner, screw and so on. Check the power supply, air supply is normal. The electric wire, or air pipe is no broken.
Unit Dose Packaging -Thursday, September 5, 2019
In modern pharmaceutical packaging, two major trends are becoming more apparent: single-dose packaging and automated packaging. The drug in the unit dose package is equivalent to a single dose. They may also contain sufficient doses only within 24 hours.
Make sure the whole machine is complete and no damage during the delivery when open the packing. The machine should be placed level in the room. In order to produce safely ,you should connect the line to the ground in the signed place.
Here offers a troubleshooting guide for automatic pill counter. This chart contains 7 faults. According to the causes to fix them could be much easier.
YL-4 Automatic Counting Machine: Operation -Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Before using the YL-4 automatic counting machine: (1)Check whether the glass disc and vibrator are stopped. (2)Check for any debris on the glass disc and groove of vibrating feeder. (3)Select the appropriate orbit, see the accompanying drawings.
PBL-160 HIGH-SPEED BOTTLE UNSCRAMBLER is designed strictly according to pharmaceutical GMP standard and technological requirements .Equip the detection system to control the ration bottles exiting and overloading protection system, The frame and hopper are made of qualified SUS306 stainless steel .Enclosed built -in hopper and disc sorter are designed for noise elimination and space saving compactly.
Pill counting machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, health care, food and other industries. Its accuracy is extremely important for manufacturers of medicines, foods and consumers. Inaccurate granulators may cost economic losses to pharmaceutical and food manufacturer. What’s worse, they make a negative impact on consumers.
PBGZ-160 Desiccant Sachet Filling Machine -Sunday, September 1, 2019
This machine is used for filling Unit Desiccant Sachet into containers which prevents tablets or capsules humidity. Desiccant Sachets adopts Ribbon Type Compact design with enclosed built –in filling system by the plexiglass cover