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The packaging materials used for pharmaceutical tablets are in direct contact with the drug and therefore belong to the pharmaceutical packaging. Medicine is a special commodity whose efficacy and quality are directly related to human health and safety. The packaging materials and structural forms used must ensure the efficacy and convenience of the drug.
The CFQ-310 tablet de-duster is suitable for dust removal of tablets of various shapes and can be used with any type of tablet press. The burrs and dust on the tablet can be removed by vibration and tumbling in the sieve tray. The powder separating device between the layers effectively prevents the powder sifted from the upper sieve tray from falling on the tablets in the lower sieve tray.
Each day, before starting the machine, users need to: 1. Check if there is any sundry on the labeling soft roller, label pulling soft roller, guide rod, stripping plate etc. 2. Check if power is OK and if power cord is damaged. 3. Be sure to turn off the power before going off work every day, and after confirming the machine is powered off, uses also need to:
If failed feeding or short feeding capacity occurs on the QVC-1 vacuum feeder, please check the feeder as the following procedure.
After setting all relevant parameters and completing debugging, turn on power. Place the bottle in between the bottle supporting roller and labeling soft roller, with the bottom of the bottle against the catch pin. pull down the bottle pressing swinging arm, so that the bottle pressing roller press against the bottle to be labeled; by then the lower end of the swinging arm pushes the microswitch to turns it on, and them signal is transferred to the control module which drives the label pulling motor to rotate.
In the long-term operation of the automatic capsule filling machine, if the maintenance is not proper, the operator will inevitably encounter machine failure. In order to better serve our customers, we have provided the following possible problems and solutions for reference.
Loosen two fastening screws below the bottle supporting stand (3). Adjust and move the bottle supporting stand (3) according to the diameter of the bottle to be labeled to make the bottle between the bottle supporting roller (2) and labeling soft roller (9). The bigger the bottle diameter is, the larger the distance between the two rollers will be. Fasten the screws when the distance is appropriate.
The BS-F heat shrink packaging machine is a highly automated device. It is wrapped around the product or package with a shrink film. After heating, the shrink film is wrapped around the product or package to fully display the appearance of the item, improving the product's marketing performance, and increase the appearance and value. The shrinking furnace adopts a closed hot air circulation design, which is safe and reliable and has low power consumption.
The NF series composite tube sealing machine is mainly used for the one-time transmission principle. The machine uses the indexing mechanism to drive the rotary table equipped with the clamp for intermittent movement, which can smoothly and accurately inject various materials such as paste and viscosity fluid into the tube to complete a series of functions such as automatic filling, internal and external heating, sealing, pressing, trimming and finished product exit.
MT-50W Semi-auto Round Bottle labeling Machine is an ideal semiautomatic labeling device for labelling on cylindrical product, such as round bottle, and it is widely used in daily Chemical, food and beverage, medicine, chemical industry and other light industries.