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Vacuum Conveyors - for Powder -Tuesday, June 18, 2019
A vacuum conveyor is a dust-free, closed conduit conveying device that delivers particulate and powdered materials by means of vacuum suction. The device utilizes the difference in pressure between the vacuum and the environmental space to form a gas flow in the pipeline, which drives the movement of the powdered material, thereby completing the delivery of the powder.
Basic requirements for bottling line -Monday, June 17, 2019
Because different medication may be sensitive to different materials, the packing method is always very important to medications. Compared to other packing methods, there are many advantages of bottling packing which has a long history, and its good sealing, efficient space utilization allows the medication to be with a long shelf life and a low transportation cost. Also, the cost of bottling packing is relatively low, and it is widely used by many manufacturers and plays a dominant role in the packaging market.
Advantages of Film Coating -Monday, June 17, 2019
In order to ensure the quality of the tablet and convenient taking, the core layer of the tablet is wrapped with a suitable coating material to isolate the medicine in the tablet from the outside, thereby preventing moisture, light, air oxidation, enhancing drug preservation, masking the bad smell in the tablet and reducing the purpose of drug stimulation.
The BG-5 style series of highly efficient coating machine is composed by the host machine, spraying system, hot air, air exhaust, PLC programmed system and electrical cabinet.
BG-5 style coating machine of high efficiency is one kind of test coating machine with novelty & commonality, which is mainly used in the colleges, institutions of scientific research, laboratory and applies to the process prescription, research & development of prescription, small batch test of the industries such as medicine, chemical industry and food. T
Maintenance of the machine is very important, maintenance can increase the life of the machine, and less unnecessary trouble.The following is the basic content of the Blister Packing Machine ABM-I maintenance.
The capsule counter can be used for the counting and bottling of empty capsules and filled capsules. The device can completely avoid human contact with the product during operation, meeting the hygienic requirements, and has simple operation and fast packaging speed. They are very suitable for use by pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Powder mixers are divided into a variety of types depending on the mode of motion and the situation in which they are targeted. CapsulCN are able to offer V Cone Blender Machine, Horizontal Ribbon Blender Machine and 3D Powder Blender Machine.
Adjust the temperature by pressing the arrow keys. The program of the temperature controller has been locked up, please do not try to enter in.Please adjust the temperature between 95-140 ℃. If the temperature is too high, the blister sheet would be deformed, while with the temperature which is too low, the heating effect would be not good.
Maintenance of Code Printer Machines -Wednesday, June 12, 2019
The code printer is used for coding the surface of materials such as paper boxes, paper, plastic bags and aluminum foil. It is used in medicine, food, cosmetics, hardware and other industries. It is an integral part of the packaging industry.