Auger Powder Filling Machine CN-HZFC

This machine is a complete, economical solution to your filling production line requirements, measuring and filling powder and granule.

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CN-HZFC Auger Powder Filling Machine adopts PLC control and hybrid stepping motor drive technology, which is stable and reliable, with repeatability and low noise. The discharge is controlled by the photoelectric switch and is not affected by the environment. The contact with the material is made of high-quality stainless steel material, which has strong corrosion resistance and no pollutants. Only need to replace the metering screw components to achieve different materials, different specifications of filling needs, the entire process is less than 10 minutes.

This machine is a complete, economical solution to your filling production line requirements, measuring and filling powder and granule.

It consists of the Filling head, an independently motorized chain conveyor mounted on a sturdy, stable frame base, and all necessary accessories to reliably move and position containers for filling, dispense the required amount of product, then quickly move the filled containers away to other equipment in your line(e.g., cappers labelers, etc.). It fits more to the fluidic or low-fluidity materials, like milk powder, albumen powder, pharmaceuticals, condiment, solid drink, white sugar, dextrose, coffee, agriculture pesticide granule additive and so on.

This machine is basically configured as a host and a PLC. The host is used to complete the quantitative filling. The PLC is used to store operating instructions such as logic operation, sequence control, timing/counting and arithmetic operations, and control the filling of the machine through digital or analog input and output interfaces. You can also choose automatic feeding device, falling device, etc. according to your needs to further improve efficiency, quantitative accuracy and automation.

The machine has automatic quantitative filling, automatic correction error, material level control, automatic material clearing, calculation and other functions. With high sensitivity, high precision and high reliability, it can meet the filling requirements of different specifications. The machine is used for quantitative filling of uniform granular and small granular materials.

Due to the special professional design, so it is suitable to the fluid or low-fluidity materials, like coffee powder, wheat flour, condiment, solid drink, veterinary drugs, dextrose, pharmaceuticals, powder additive, talcum powder, agriculture pesticide,dyestuff and so on.


The filling machine is powered by a PLC, enabling you to program and store operation instructions. When paired with an automatic feeding device, your automated production efficiency grows even higher!
Exquisite Appearance
High-quality stainless-steel construction gives the machine both a streamlined look and exceptional performance, resisting corrosion and serving you for years to come.
Advanced Technology
By utilizing weighing technology and light-controls, the accuracy of this machine is greatly improved when it’s working on big jobs, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers engaged in large-scale production.


Max capacity 1500-2500 bottle/h
Filling accuracy 1%
Dia. of bottle φ20-150mm
Height of bottle 60-300mm
Power 1KW
Voltage AC220V,50/60HZ
Dimensions 900x900x2000mm
Weight 380kg


  • All stainless steel design(contact part 304SS which is food grade), meet the health-class standards, mainly for pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc.
  • The packaging machine of pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, milk powder, starch, seasonings, enzyme preparations, fodder, and other powder-like quantitative packings.




The material is controlled by a fully digital stepping motor, with high control accuracy and fast speed

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