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Vibrating Granulator YK60

This machine is used mainly in such trades as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, pottery, and plastics extensively, making moist powder material particle. Make cylinder swing reciprocally, extruding material from screen mesh for granulation.

$1,458.99 USD


This machine is used mainly in such trades as pharmacy, chemical industry, food, pottery and plastics extensively, making moist powder material particle. Make cylinder swing reciprocatly, extruding material from screen mesh for granulation. It also can be used for crushing the agglomerate materials into small granules directly.

It is very suitablefor material of high viscidity.


Model YK60
Capacity 20~30kg/h
Cycle Times 46 time/min
Feed Port 209*212mm
Motor 0.55kw
Dia. Of Barrel 60mm
Rang of Wave >360°
Dimensions 460x550x570mm
Weight 55kg


  • It is not suitable for solid, fluid medium, paste or pulverizing.
  • The mesh number of meshed sieve should be prepared by users themselves according to the size of granule.


1.Roll network component 2.Hopper 3.Hob
4.Transmission parts 1 5.Electric appliance 6.Box
7.Reducer 8.Transmission parts 2 9.Electric motor

The fuselage is an independent rectangular parallelepiped, which consists of three parts: the bearing frame, the reduction gear box and the machine base. The feeding powder bucket is connected with the bearing frame, and the front end of the machine base is designed to be wide and stable, so it can be placed indoors without any special installation.

Particle manufacturing device

The rotating roller recumbent device is under the hopper, and there are bearing supports at the front and the rear, which are rotated counterclockwise by the transmission of the rack. The front bearing housing is movable, and only three screws need to be removed during assembly and disassembly, and the front bearing housing and the rotating roller can be sequentially extracted.

Screen clamp

The device is made on both sides of the rotating drum. It is made of steel pipe with a long groove in the middle. Both ends of the screen are embedded in the groove. Turn the hand wheel to wrap the screen on the outer circle of the rotating drum. There is a ratchet in the hand wheel, can be adjusted.


It adopts worm gear transmission with a speed ratio of 1:30. The oil can be stored in the box to ensure good lubrication and no noise at the worm gear. The shaft end of the worm wheel is equipped with an eccentric crank, which drives the rack to reciprocate, and the gear shaft meshing with the rack is counterclockwise.

Base motor

The motor is installed inside the cabinet. When adjusting, open the front and rear covers of the cabinet.

Mechanical lubrication

The gear oil is stored in the reducer, and the oil filter plug is arranged at the rear of the reducer. The other end of the worm shaft is equipped with a window, which can observe the lubricating oil in the reducer at any time. Open the upper cover of the fuselage, add lubricant to the bearings in the middle and rear bearing housings, and add grease to the gear shaft and the rack and slide guide. Lubricating oil and grease use parts are listed in the table:

Lubricating part Time Lubricating grease
Front bearing Every shift HJ-30 mechanical oil
Middle and rear bearing housing Every three months ZG-2 grease
Gearbox inner bearing Every three months HJ-30 mechanical oil


1. This machine is packed in the whole box. After unpacking, move it to the appropriate place and use it after leveling.

2. The electrical circuit device is not restricted by the direction of rotation, and the line is connected to the switch via the belt cover under the base, and clamped by line card.

Instructions for use

1. Usage: Start the machine, pour the mixture into the bucket, and through the swinging action of the rotating drum, squeeze the material through the screen to form granules, which should be gradually added, not suitable to be overfilled to avoid the pressure being too large.

2. Matters needing attention: If the powder does not come out in the powder bucket, it can not be used to shovel, so as to avoid accidents, stop working immediately.

Care instructions

1. Regularly check the parts and check them once a month to check whether the worm gear, worm, bearing and other active parts are flexible and wearable. The defects should be repaired in time and should not be used barely.

2. The machine should be placed in a dry and clean room, and the atmosphere must not contain acids and other corrosive gases.

3. After the machine is used once, the rotating drum should be taken out for cleaning and the remaining powder in the hopper should be removed, and then installed to prepare for the next use.

4. If the deactivation time is long, the machine must be wiped clean. coated with anti-rust oil at smooth surface of the machine is and covered with a hood.