Capsule Polishing Machine YPJ-III

This machine is a kind of special equipment for pharmacy. It is driven by variable speed control, polish and clean powder on pills or tablets to get smooth products and meet hygeian standard of pharma industry. It is suitable for various kinds of pills and tablets.

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This machine is a kind of special equipment for pharmacy. It is driven by variable speed control, polish and clean powder on pills or tablets to get smooth products and meet hygeian standard of pharma industry. It is suitable for various kinds of pills and tablets.

The performance of the whole machine is good. The machine is made of stainless steel, and the mesh cartridge and the brush are connected by compression fitting, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be cleaned thoroughly. Also, the motor speed is controlled by the inverter and can withstand large starting torque, which makes the machine run smoothly and reliably. In addition, equipped with flexible rollers, it is convenient for the machine to move. Hence, the machine is easy to operate, reliable, high in production efficiency and the polishing cleanliness.


  • This machine includes pedestal, machine frame, canister, brush and electrical system. Adopts special DC motor, import polishing brush and spiral feeding in-and-out accessory. This machine is light weight, novelty structure, good appearance, simple operation and high efficiency.
  • Before electrifying, turn around the main shaft manually to ensure the shaft is under good condition.
  • Before polishing different kinds of capsules, please clean the brush, net, and hopper completely.
  • Clean the filter bag of the dust-collector.


Capsule Model No. 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4#
Output Capacity 10000 pcs/min
Power Supply 220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Dimension 1025*550*900 (mm)
Weight 40kg
Power 0.18kw

Machine test

Check the operation of the motor and bearing, the operation should be smooth and accurate, and there is no stuck.

No-load operation test: Start and stop at least three times, each time for half an hour, check whether the rotating parts are flexible, whether the operation is stable, and whether there is any noise.

The transmission part of the equipment shall be free from oil leakage and shall not be contaminated.

Operating environment

After installation, the equipment has sufficient operating space.

Cleanliness level: 300,000-class clean area

optimum ambient temperature: 18-26 °C

optimum relative humidity: 45%-65%

Main structure

Circuit diagram


Below the polishing seal cylinder, attach one of the suction pipes of the special industrial vacuum cleaner; above the waste remover, connect another straw of the special industrial vacuum cleaner.

Turn on the power of the industrial vacuum cleaner and polisher, and adjust the speed of the polisher. Use a small amount of waste shell capsules to test the machine, adjust the negative pressure of the waste device, so that it can just remove the empty shell fragments. If the negative pressure is too large, it is possible to remove the good capsules. The amount of waste air is adjusted in the adjustment plate of the industrial vacuum cleaner inlet, and the waste can be observed from the front observation board of the waste device. The suction air volume of the powder is also adjusted in the industrial vacuum cleaner adjustment plate.

After doing the above preparations, you can work.

Clean the polishing machine and industrial vacuum cleaner in time after each shift. Industrial vacuum cleaners should also be cleaned up during the work if necessary.

Adjustment method

Polishing machine speed adjustment: sorted by electronic governor. For fragile capsules, the rotation speed can be suitably low, and vice versa. For the polishing of tablets, the rotation speed can be appropriately lowered.

Polishing cylinder tilt adjustment: the inclination is adjusted by the tail support plate, the inclination is large, the polishing effect is good, the inclination is small, and the production efficiency is high.

Industrial vacuum cleaner adjustment: There are two sets of dust-washing pipe devices for professional industrial vacuum cleaners, each with air-conditioning adjustment plate adjustment, and the air volume is adjusted according to the usage.

Packing list







Machine base









Product Qualification Certificate




Connect the machine to the power supply and turn on the power switch, the motor does not work.

Check if the fuse, the switch is in good condition, and the machine is well connected to the power supply.


This price is excluding vacuum cleaner. 

The home-use cleaner that with 32mm connector is suitable for this polisher.



The pills and capsules are cleaned up very clean and can meet hygienic standards

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