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The uphill tablet deduster was developed to remove the powder layer from the tablets pressed by the tablet press. It can be used as a special device for tablets and granular articles that require automatic dust removal. It has a fast output speed, high dust removal efficiency and low noise. The machine is easy to use and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance. Its remarkable feature is that the tablets and dust are divided into two layers for separate output.
The coating of organic film is called the inner coating generally. The raw materials of coating is dissolved into the organic solvent and then painted to the surface of the label. As for the whole process of coating, generally, the guniting is successive; the roller of the host machine, hot air, and discharge air work from beginning to end.
Efficiency Coating Machine after opening the box, please inspect whether the quality certificate, use instruction and packing list are complete; check them as per the packing list; check whether there is damage & losing during transportation.
Efficiency Coating Machine adopt PLC control technology for the control system; the design of the whole control system is reasonable; the procedure is flexible & changeable; it can adapt different kinds of coating process requirements. It has the characters such as antijamming capability, low failure rate, convenient maintenance and major expansibility. Please refer to the following contents before using so as to the correct use & maintenance.
Principle of Uphill Deduster -Friday, June 21, 2019
Uphill Deduster utilizes an electromagnetic vibrator to vibrate the spiral dedusting body, thus making the tablet to ascend while being polished a dedusted by the vibrating movement.
The host efficiency coating machine is composed by the enclosed working room, coating roller of sieve pit type, blender, driving mechanism and mechanism of air-inlet and out.
The automatic round bottle labeling machine can meet the needs of full-circle labeling or semi-circle labeling of round bottles. The applicable labels generally include self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, and barcodes. This kind of equipment is often used for round bottle labeling in food, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemicals, electronics, hardware, plastics and other industries.
How to make up a suitable bottling line -Wednesday, June 19, 2019
We have mentioned that it is better to choose a bottling line according to the products. And in order to make up a bottling line, machines should be of high degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, exquisite appearance and easy transportation, qualification rate of counted particles.
With the continuous improvement of the packaging industry, new types of packaging materials and packaging products have emerged in the market. A blister package capable of sealing a product between a blister formed by a transparent plastic sheet and a bottom plate is a packaged product that has been developed according to market demand.
The pharmaceutical industry is developed together with machinery, industry, and computers and many new ways of packing medications have been produced. The initial packing technology also has evolved due to the development of new technologies, so does the bottling line. The core part of the bottling line is quantitation, mainly dividing into counting and weighing. Because of the accuracy, cost, speed and other reasons, more than 80% of the capsules and tablets on the market are quantitated by counting.