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Are your capsules suitable for my pet?

Yes. The main component of our capsules is aqueous solutions of gelling agents, which can be consumed by almost all organisms.

Can I fill liquids or oils into the capsules?

Our capsule is intended to be used with dry ingredients. When filled with liquids or ingredients with a high moisture content, capsules will become soft and leak over time. It is not recommended to use liquids.

Can your capsule be filled with all kinds of supplement?

No, some supplement which will react with proteins to form crosslinking structure cannot be filled into capsules, and they can only be used as tablets or other forms.

Are there any people who can't use capsules?

No Allergen.

What are the storage requirements for capsules?

Storage conditions:

Precautions of using:

  1. Use only SS scoops & spatulas.
  2. Do not leave capsules in a filling machine for prolonged period when do not use capsules.
  3. Keep the bag closed when do not use capsules.
  4. Do not store capsules near a source of heat & avoid wide temperature fluctuation during storage.

How long is the shelf life of the capsule?

Shelf Life: 3 Years from data of manufacturing, and store & handle capsules as above, or capsules will be easily damaged.

What is the difference between separated and joined capsules?

Joined capsules require for either manual or mechanical separation of the capsules to fill in. Separated capsules are mainly used with manual capsule filling machines and will be sent to you in two separate bags: one containing the cap and one containing the body of the capsule.

The joined capsules are intended to be used with semi or fully-automatic capsule filling machines.

*Joined capsules are also easy to use with manual capsule machines and simply require the two halves to be separated by hand. Joined capsules come assembled but are not locked together.

Any other questions?

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