Capsule Filling Machine Selection Guide -Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Sometimes when you choose a capsule filling machine, you are confused. This article gives you a professional reference.
1.Pour a number of empty capsules into the encapsulation sheet. 2.Using a circular motion, gently shake the empty capsules into the holes. 3.Fix the encapsulation sheet onto the positioning sheet using the 1st row as guide. push the central screw on the left side to make the 1st batch of empty capsules fall down into the separating sheet.
Pour 50+ capsules onto loader. Shake back and forth moving capsules into the holes, lift gate and pour off excess capsules. Open filler locking clamp forward, place loader locating feet in the holes on the filler marke. After filling the empty capsules, put the cap sheet on the capsules , make sure all the capsules are fixed firmly. ...
Place the Encapsulation plate to top of the cap plate. Place the Encapsulation plate on top of the body plate. Place powder guard on body plate to avoid the powder fall of by sides. Use the spreader to fill the powder into body plate. If the bottoms are not filled enough, use the Tamping plate. If the bottoms are not filled enough, use the Tamping plate. Take out the filled cap plate and place the middles sheet on top. Place both hands on the top. Push downwards with equal pressure, make sure the caps and bodies are match together before press down directly.
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