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Before installating YF3-1 powder grinder, the operator needs to know its structures well.
In pharmacies because of different varieties and lot numbers vacuum feeders need to be cleaned out often. We have fully considered this requirement of the users when we design the pneumatic vacuum feeders. For cleanout the user only needs to do the following.
Driven by a motor, the pulverizing steels of the YF3-1 powder grinder machine rotate at a high speed, and the mechanical energy causes high impact force, compression force and friction on the pulverized material. Therefore, the machine is suitable for fibrous materials, soft materials, and lightweight materials.
Fix the vacuum hopper of the pneumatic vacuum conveyor onto the hopper of sheet press or packing machine (or other machines) with a ring. In case that the vacuum hopper could not be directly fixed onto the hopper of the material-receiving machine a support could be made for fixing the vacuum hopper.
Tablet Deduster Purchase Guide -Saturday, August 17, 2019
Tablet dedusters are essential equipment in tablet manufacturing companies. Since the pill powder will fly in the air, much dust is generated during the tableting process. Therefore, people use a tablet deduster to quickly remove the powder attached to the surface of the tablet to ensure the smoothness of the drug, keep the production area clean, and reduce the scrap rate.
Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor is a vacuum feeding machine by using pneumatic vacuum pump as vacuum source. With this vacuum feeder materials could be conveyed directly from container into mixer, reactor, silo, tablet machine, packing machine, vibration sieve, granulator, capsule filling machine, wet granulator, dry granulator and disintegrator. To use this feeder could lighten workers’ labor intensity, put an end to powder pollution and ensure that the production process meets GMP requirements.
Capsule Polishing Machine YJP-III: Cleaning -Thursday, August 15, 2019
Capsule Polishing Machine needs regular cleaning to maintain its status. Use the gauze to clean the machine base and the transmission parts inside the machine with clear water or alcohol. Also clean the hopper, inlet, motor cover, top cabinet and lower slot with the same method.
The FR-900/FR-900V continuous plastic bag sealing machine is a new generation automatic sealing machine which integrates sealing, printing and continuous conveying. This is a simple and cost-effective sealing device. According to the actual experience, the following causes are analyzed, and the corresponding solutions are proposed.
How to Test Sealability of Blister Packaging -Wednesday, August 14, 2019
In addition to pharmaceutical packaging, blister packaging is also used in food, cosmetics, toys, and other industries. If the blister package is not well sealed, it is easy to shorten the shelf life of the product, which in turn causes deterioration of the contents.
Pour the filled capsules into the Capsule Polishing Machine hopper, and then the capsule is brought into the mesh cartridge by the rotating brush. In the mesh cartridge, the capsules are polished and dedusted by the brush. Defective capsules without capsule caps, and materials scattered from capsules are recovered by the vacuum cleaner.