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Different Types of Filling Machines -Wednesday, September 18, 2019
The filling machine is mainly a small branch in the packaging machine. It can be divided into liquid filling machine, paste filling machine, powder filling machine and particle filling machine from the perspective of material packaging.
Particle Filling Machine BFZZ provides pefect weighing and packaging solutions for grain, seeds, tea, etc. It isdesigned for quantitative dispensing of granular and powder materials.
Different Types of Heat Shrinkable Film -Friday, September 6, 2019
Heat shrinkable film is a common packaging film. In packaging applications, it is often used to heat the shrinkage characteristics to achieve a skin packaging or bundle wrapping. It can also be used to protect content from contamination or damage.
PBGZ-160 Desiccant Sachet Filling Machine -Sunday, September 1, 2019
This machine is used for filling Unit Desiccant Sachet into containers which prevents tablets or capsules humidity. Desiccant Sachets adopts Ribbon Type Compact design with enclosed built –in filling system by the plexiglass cover
Purchasing of Shrink Wrapping Machine -Tuesday, August 6, 2019
Shrink wrapping is one of the more common packaging methods in the market. In addition to its own advantages, shrink packaging machines can reduce the possibility of products being dismantled and stolen. Shrink-wrapped packaging does not affect the quality of the packaged items and shrinks the package perfectly, and it can also be applied to the packaging of regular or irregular items.
The BS-F heat shrink packaging machine is a highly automated device. It is wrapped around the product or package with a shrink film. After heating, the shrink film is wrapped around the product or package to fully display the appearance of the item, improving the product's marketing performance, and increase the appearance and value. The shrinking furnace adopts a closed hot air circulation design, which is safe and reliable and has low power consumption.
First, l'd like to thank you for using our compan's DB-80 tablet and pill wrapping machine. This machine has the Following advantages: easy to operate, maintain and repair, lower cost in powet, lighter in weight, smaller in size and weaker in noise.
The principle of blister forming is that the PVC hard sheet is heated and passed through a mold and compressed into a blister of a desired shape and size by using compressed air. Normally, blister packaging machine has good heat sealing performance and stability. And it can be horizontally punched without waste, so it is very popular among users.
How to make up a suitable bottling line -Wednesday, June 19, 2019
We have mentioned that it is better to choose a bottling line according to the products. And in order to make up a bottling line, machines should be of high degree of automation, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation and maintenance, exquisite appearance and easy transportation, qualification rate of counted particles.
Maintenance of the machine is very important, maintenance can increase the life of the machine, and less unnecessary trouble.The following is the basic content of the Blister Packing Machine ABM-I maintenance.