Particle Filling Machine BFZZ: Troubleshooting Guide

- Monday, September 16, 2019

Particle Filling Machine BFZZ provides pefect weighing and packaging solutions for grain, seeds, tea, etc. It isdesigned for quantitative dispensing of granular and powder materials.

Malfunction state Malfunction cause Obviating Method
Start up failure 1. Check whether the power cord is damaged or not, and if it is inserted completely or not. Replace the power cord and insert again.
2. Check if the fuse is burnout or not. Replace the fuse.
3. Check whether the case internal wiring is broken or in poor contact. Pull out the power cord to insert again or reconnect.
Number on Weight Panel doesn't
add or bounce.
1.Check if there is a material hopper, or sensor is not zero. Press the feeding button then press reset button.
2. Check whether the material is stuck or blocked by weighing hopper the inside the
Clean up materials around the weighing bucket
and sensor (The edge is sharp, be careful)
3. Check whether sensor circuit, extension socket are in poor contact. Reconnect the computer board.
Weight Panel
number disorderly
1. Check if the sensor and hopper are stuck by material or not. Clean up the material around weighting bucket and sensor.
2. Check whether the grain weigh filler is affected by damp (for example, the state is much obvious in rainy days, spring, or high humidity environment.) Please remove the upper cover, and blow hot air to
the computer board for 5-10 minutes, then cooling
for 5 minutes before reboot.
Hopper door does not
1. Press the feeding button to check the hopper door panel is swung or not. If not swing, please refer to 4.
2. If motor is operating but door panel is not swung, maybe the screws on the door panel
Please fasten the set screws of door panel.
3. If door panel is tight and cannot be pulled out by hands, then maybe motor is blocked or
Replace the motor.
4. Door panel is loose. Please check if the connecting wire is broken or not, and the motor cable on green extension socket is in poor contact or not. Reconnect and insert the green wires.
5. If computer board has no current output, then the computer board was damaged. Replace the computer board.
Computer board is
1. Power cord is not fully inserted or in poor contact. Replace the power cord or reinsert.
2. Check if the main power supply cables, green wire are in poor contact. Reconnect and reinsert the green power cord.
Repackaging speed is
slow, and it cannot
achieve the setting
1. Check whether the material is stuck, and stacked together. Clean up the stuck material and repackaging again.
2. Press and hold the feeding button for 5s to check if vibration strength is changed or

Check the set weight is normal or not based on weighting panel disorder change.

If it does not change, and strength is small, then it belongs to machine fault.

If the failure cannot be solved by the above methods, please contact maintenance personnel.


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