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Simple operation: Connect power, open urgent stop button and the figure shows “000.00”. When the motor is operating, the figure indicates the operation frequency. Press “▽” button or “△” to change operation frequency. The last figure “0” of present figure “050.00” signs and press shift button to “5”. Then, press “▽” button to change figure from “5” to “2” and finally press “SET” button. The operation frequency is 20Hz now.
Put the machine on an even workbench, hang on the electric cabinet and install liquid barrel. Connect the power. Notice: Connect electric lines correctly. Connect air source with the pipe joint below the machine through Φ8PU pipe. Add the coating liquid to the liquid container. Turn on the switch.
The pot body is at clockwise rotation and speed controlled by inverter. Spray gun sprays coating liquid is covered on the chips evenly. In the meantime, we can get standard coating tablets by connecting hot air to remove moisture of the surface.
This machine is used to sugarcoat and film coat Chinese and Western tablets; it integrates strong power, weak power, hydraulic pressure and pneumatic. It consists of the host (original sugarcoating machine), controllable room temperature hot air system and automatic mist-jet propulsion.
The BG-5 style series of highly efficient coating machine is composed by the host machine, spraying system, hot air, air exhaust, PLC programmed system and electrical cabinet.
BG-5 style coating machine of high efficiency is one kind of test coating machine with novelty & commonality, which is mainly used in the colleges, institutions of scientific research, laboratory and applies to the process prescription, research & development of prescription, small batch test of the industries such as medicine, chemical industry and food. T