Efficiency Coating Machine BG-5H Working Principles

- Sunday, June 16, 2019

The BG-5 style series of highly efficient coating machine is composed by the host machine, spraying system, hot air, air exhaust, PLC programmed system and electrical cabinet. (It can be seen in Figure Ⅰ)

Efficiency Coating Machine BG-5H2
Figure Ⅰ

The basic principles of BG-5 style highly efficient coating machine: the bottom of boiler is made from the sieve tray and the coated label carries out the complicated orbit movement continually in the roller of the coating machine. During the movement, it was controlled by PLC programmed system. According to the process order and the selected progress parameter, the mediums are splashed on the surface of the label by peristaltic pump and spray gun automatically. At the same time, the hot air system will make the mediums penetrate the sheet bed after the highly efficient & filterable hot air. And then they will be taken by the exhaust fan at the bottom of the roller and be discharged after dust removing, so that the label can form the stable and smooth film of surface. (It can be seen from FigureⅡ)

Efficiency Coating Machine BG-5H


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