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Advantages of Using Aluminum Foil Sealing -Wednesday, October 9, 2019
The aluminum foil on the bottle cap is a hot stamping material which is directly pressed into a sheet by metal aluminum, and its hot stamping effect is similar to that of pure silver foil stamping. Aluminum foil sealing liner is suitable for container sealing of PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, glass and other materials.
In the preparation process of blister-packed medicines, some unqualified products may be generated due to batch coding, drug detection, etc. These unqualified drugs need to be removed from the blister package for recycling or destruction.
Bottle Capping Machine Classification -Tuesday, September 17, 2019
The emergence of the capping machine has driven the rapid development of many industries. The development of the bottle capper is very fast, and it is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, and daily chemical industries.
As a special product, medicine packaging also has special requirements. Pharmaceutical packaging has the most exposure to pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical packaging has different requirements. So what are the characteristics of the tablet packaging?
The packaging and use of medicines are getting more and more people's attention. The improvement of people's living standards and the increasing proportion of patients choosing medicines are no longer just satisfied with its functional and practical value. Due to the special nature of pharmaceutical packaging, the following requirements must be met when designing the packaging.
For some larger dosage forms of pharmaceutical tablets or pharmaceutical tablets that are sensitive to ultraviolet light, strong in hygroscopicity, or that require heat and cold resistance, long effective period or improve packaging grade, most of them are strip-shaped composite film packaging, referred to as SP. (strip Packaging).
The packaging materials used for pharmaceutical tablets are in direct contact with the drug and therefore belong to the pharmaceutical packaging. Medicine is a special commodity whose efficacy and quality are directly related to human health and safety. The packaging materials and structural forms used must ensure the efficacy and convenience of the drug.
Advantages of Film Coating -Monday, June 17, 2019
In order to ensure the quality of the tablet and convenient taking, the core layer of the tablet is wrapped with a suitable coating material to isolate the medicine in the tablet from the outside, thereby preventing moisture, light, air oxidation, enhancing drug preservation, masking the bad smell in the tablet and reducing the purpose of drug stimulation.
Tablet coating is a difficult formulation process technology. In the process of using the tablet coating machine, because the amount of temperature, time, syrup, talcum powder is constantly changing, and the impact of factors such as the quality of the coating material, the hardness of the core, the moisture, the rotation speed of the coating machine, the angle, the loading, etc. is various, there will be many unpredictable problems in the production process.
Types of tablet coating: Sugar coating and film coating. The film coating is divided into stomach-soluble, enteric-soluble and water-insoluble.