Basic requirements for pharmaceutical packaging II

- Monday, July 29, 2019

As a special product, medicine packaging also has special requirements. Pharmaceutical packaging has the most exposure to pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical packaging has different requirements. So what are the characteristics of the tablet packaging?

tablet packaging

Safety: Pharmaceutical packaging should protect the drug from environmental influence during storage and use, and maintain the original properties of the drug; and it protects against moisture and protects the quality and safety of medicines.

Exclusion: Pharmaceutical packaging and packaged drugs cannot react chemically or biologically. Since different drugs and different materials are occasionally produced differently in the compatibility experiment, it is necessary to avoid the reaction between the drug and the packaging compatibility test.

Stability: The pharmaceutical packaging itself shall have good stability during storage and use. The pharmaceutical packaging will not break, deform, etc. during the design and use of the material, which has good quality and stability.

Environmental protection: Pharmaceutical packaging does not pollute the production environment of the drug when it is wrapped; the chemical packaging uses chemically stable raw materials in the material packaging.

Non-interfering: Pharmaceutical packaging cannot affect the packaged drug quality.


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