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Tablet Coating Machine

Our high quality Tablet Coating Machine are designed to cover a wide range of production batches from medium scale to large scale. Tablet Coater has numerous functionalities, including tablet strengthening, controlled release, and improving taste, protecting the tablet from moisture, and providing tablet identity. 

BYC Type Tablet Coating Machine

The tablet coating machine is widely used for making tablets, sugar-coat pills, polishing and rolling food demanded by the pharmacy industry, chemical industry, foods, research institutes and hospitals. The sugar-coat tablets that are polished possess a bright appearance. The intact solidified coat formed after the surface sugar's crystallization can prevent the chip from oxidative deterioration, damping and volatilization, and cover the improper flavor of the chip.

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Efficiency Coating Machine

The efficient coating machine is experimental equipment for special use widely applied in Chinese and western tablets, pills and the like for carrying out water phase and organic film coating.

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