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The efficient coating machine is pharmaceutical equipment for special use widely applied in Chinese and western tablets, pills and the like for carrying out water phase and organic film coating.

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The efficient coating machine is experimental equipment for special use widely applied in Chinese and western tablets, pills and the like for carrying out water phase and organic film coating.
This equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of pharmaceuticals industry association ‘‘GMP’’, and all shells, coating rollers, heat fans, exhaust fans, spraying devices, and all components in contact with drugs are produced by stainless steel materials.
The whole operation process is controlled by a PLC programmable system, comprising a manual operation control and automatic operation control. The control system is controlled by the PLC programmable system, the control parameters are displayed on the touch frequency.
The whole coating operations are carried out under a closed state and dust flying and coating solution spattering free, it is a novel and efficient coating device characterized in efficiency, reliability, clean, energy-saving, less covering areas, easy operation, and in accordance with GMP requirements.


Model BG-5H BG-20H BG-80H
Diameter and capacity of the coating roller Ф300/1L, Ф380/3L, Ф480/5L Ф520/5L, Ф580/10L, Ф680/20L Ф680/10L, Ф750/40L, Ф930/80L
Rotate speed 0-30rmp 0-25rmp 0-30rmp
Exhaust fan flow 2500m³/h 3517m³/h 5268m³/h
Air heater flow 504 m³/h 1200m³/h 1685m³/h
Tempering range of hot blast Max.80℃ of normal temperature Max.90℃ of normal temperature Max.90℃ of normal temperature
Main motor 0.37kw 0.75kw 1.5kw
Dimension(L x W x H) 1250x900x1700mm 1050x960x1800mm 1300x1315x2000mm
Weight(kg) 750kg 625kg 800kg


  • Controllable negative pressure function: the negative pressure testing point is added to a coating machine, to control the speed of the exhaust fan, changing the wind speed and capacity.
  • Controllable wind-speed system for hot wind: setup the electronic control system for controlling the rotate speed of the air heater, changing the air-supplying capacity and wind speed.
  • Using import spray gun is selected, the operation thereof is convenient, which is characterized in uniform atomization, large spray surface, non-dripping, and auxiliary materials saving.
  • Host and hot-wind mechanism are designed in an all-in-one, reducing the floor space.



This machine can make the coating process continuously, shorten the coating time and save the coating dressing. I like it very much.

From: Davis | Date: 3/1/2021 4:02 AM

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