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Shrink Wrapper Machine

Shrink Wrapper Machine is a heated tunnel with a conveyor system running through the tunnel. The heat settings and conveyor speed of the shrink tunnel can be adjusted to properly heat a shrink film. iPharmachine offers Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine that are easy to operate and maintain and which will supply dependable performance.These heat shrink tunnels offer a simple, efficient way to shrink wrap products.

Easy Operate household Manual film Sealing Machine LS-100

Manual machine for discrete manufacture of wrapping, aimed at cigarette, quilt, towel, gift box, tea box etc.

Thermal shrink packaging machine Heat Shrink Packaging Machine BS-F

This machine is used to package the product with shrink film which is heated by the machine. The fine packing not only pleases to the eye of customers, but also has the features of seal, damp-proof and prevent dirty.

Label shrink packager machine BSS-1538C

This series label shrink machines are mainly used to shrink label of product in bottle shape, can shape or barrel shape with glass bottle, plastic bottle or paper cup.