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Bottle Induction Sealer

Bottle Induction Sealer is to use electromagnetic induction heating principle is the use of high-frequency current through the inductor coil generates a magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines through the sealing foil material, and instantly generate a large number of small eddy currents, resulting in aluminum foil own high-speed heating, melting compound in aluminum foil on the sol, whereby the sealing paste on the bearing seal material, in order to achieve rapid sealing purposes.

Portable Induction Sealing Machine DGYF

The induction sealing process bonds a foil laminate inner seal to the lip of a container. After the container has been filled and capped with an induction-lined closure, it passes underneath the induction sealing system. The non-contact heating process welds the liner to the container creating a hermetic seal.

Continuous Induction Sealing Machine YF-2000

The YF series continuous induction sealer utilizes electro magnetic induction principle to produce instant high heat to melt aluminum foil.

Continuous Induction Sealing Machine EI-2000

Using advanced high-power field-effect transistor circuit control, high-frequency switching power supply technology, PLL technology, and digital technology, in the miniaturization, high stability, high efficiency has made significant improvements.