Picture of Containment Automatic capsule filling machine SFK-703

Containment Automatic capsule filling machine SFK-703

The SKF 703 provides a high containment concept for the production of potent and costly niche products such as "orphan drugs” against rare diseases.
It offers a washable containment concept (WIP) ensuring highest protection class for operators, up to OEB 4 product requirements (1.0-10.0 µg/m³).

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The SKF 703 platform offers all features and functionalities from the SKF 700. It offers a washable containment concept (WIP) ensuring highest protection class for operators, up to OEB 4product requirements (1.0-10.0 µg/m³). The SKF 703 is able to produce small batches for research and development or clinical trial supplies.

Washable high containment concept with reduced water requirement up to OEB4
Dust and water tight machine table through tabletop design and air-purge seals.

SFK-703 full automatic hard shell capsule filling machine adopts an international advanced design concept. Through the clearance operation, the full automatic hard capsule filling machine is completed by the pressure type of the high precision metering disc filling rod. 

The design of the equipment parts is precise, the appearance is beautiful and practical, the operation is smooth, the mold can be replaced simply and quickly, and the capsule sorting ,Separating, filling, removing, locking, popping up, cleaning and many other processes can be completed automatically.
The equipment design is fully in line with the requirements of CGMP and FDA specification.

It is an intelligent device for pharmaceutical production, health care products and capsule production in food industry.


Machine model SFK703
Max capacity 42000capsules/hour
Suit for capsule size 00#-5#
No.of segment bores 5
Power 3kw
Machine dimensions 951*1551*2155mm


  • The equipment adopts the international high quality electrical components, so that the service life of the electrical parts of the equipment is longer and more stable.
  • The equipment adopts monolithic platen design, each movement part is sealed to avoid the powder penetrating into or out of the room as much as possible to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop. All the motors that the equipment adopted are with low energy consumption, which fully achieves energy saving
  • The equipment adopts German SIEMENS system, SIEMENS inverter drive, stepless speed regulation, SIEMENS PLC program control, stable operation, safe and reliable
  •  It offers a washable containment concept (WIP) ensuring highest protection class for operators, up to OEB 4 product requirements (1.0-10.0 µg/m³).



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