LGYF-2000BX continuous induction sealer

This sealing equipment is suitable for plastic films of various materials and is commonly used in the fields of food, medicine, chemicals, daily necessities, vegetable seeds, and more. Whether in factories or stores, it is an ideal packaging equipment for batch products.

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LGYF-2000BX continuous induction sealer uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce instant heat to melt aluminum foil. Then it sticks to the plug hole, achieving the goal of moisture-proof, leak-proof, mold-proof, and extending shelf life. Now it is widely used as a package sealing machine in industries such as pharmaceutical, pesticide, pesticide, lubricant and cosmetic, etc.

Furthermore, this sealing equipment is easy to operate, even for employees with little operating experience. The intuitive and clear operation interface of the device allows simple settings to complete the sealing operation according to the requirements. Adjustable time and temperature control functions ensure firm and precise sealing, providing a stable and reliable sealing effect.

In conclusion, whether in large-scale factories or small workshops, this sealing machine is widely recognized and used. Its multifunctionality, efficiency, and ease of operation make it an ideal sealing equipment in various industries, offering a stable and reliable solution for product packaging.


voltage220V 50/60HZ
Sealing Diameter20-130mm
Suitable Height of bottles40-400mm
Machine weight72kg
Machine size1550*550*1350mm


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The sealing speed is very fast and the sealing is very good

From: Ty | Date: 3/3/2021 4:24 AM

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