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What is capsule filling machine? -Thursday, May 16, 2019
The capsule filling machine is a machine specially used for filling capsules. This kind of equipment has a fast filling speed and small size difference, so it is widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturers, health care products factories, hospitals and other places.
The machine shall be tested before being filling capsules. The operator is required to be familiar with this manual, and well know the performance of every machine parts and the role of each button on the control panel, before machine testing.
Sometimes when you choose a capsule filling machine, you are confused. This article gives you a professional reference, Help you choose the best Capsule Filling Machine.
Wondering how to fill empty capsules with powder? Don't worry, this manual capsule filling machine operating procedure will show you the detailed filling steps, and we have recorded a video for your convenience. This operating guide is about CapsulCN's CN-100. If you have similar hand capsule filling machine of other models, you can also follow this guide.
Frequently Asked Question of Manual capsule filling machine How accurate are fill weights? What types of capsules can I fill? What size of capsules can I fill? How can I store it? What kind of supplements can I fill? Is there any difference between the CN-100 system and the CN-100CL system? What fill materials are known to discolor CN-100? Is there any other capsule filling systems available?