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How to Choose Labeling Machine -Thursday, September 19, 2019
Now the labeling machine has covered all areas of our life, food, medicine, cosmetics and other industries. Visible labels have a huge role in our lives. After the product is labeled by the labeling machine, the corresponding product information of the consumer can be provided.
Putting in the ribbon: slightly remove the ribbon-transferring wheel nut, outer reel, and the pare core of the ribbon. Put in a new ribbon, and then install the outer reel and the ribbon transferring wheel nuts in order. Wind the ribbon in order according to the figure, and finally stick the ribbon to the paper sleeve of the ribbon collecting wheel with an adhesive sticker.
First, respectively install 2 pieces of organic glass tray on two round fixing block. After that, insert the slotted fixing block onto the tray mandrel, then pull the green O-rings into the slot of the fixing block, and finally, fix the fixing block with screws.
Unscrew the press tape handle, and wind up the label tape according to the label winding diagram; clamp the label tape head tight with the U-type rewinding tape and press tight against the press tape handle at the same time.
FH-130 round bottle labeling machine is suitable for labeling on all round bottles, including all kinds of glasses, plastic, and metals. It may guarantee precise positioning and is equipped with coding machine that may print manufacturing date, term of validity, lot number, etc.
Each day, before starting the machine, users need to: 1. Check if there is any sundry on the labeling soft roller, label pulling soft roller, guide rod, stripping plate etc. 2. Check if power is OK and if power cord is damaged. 3. Be sure to turn off the power before going off work every day, and after confirming the machine is powered off, uses also need to:
After setting all relevant parameters and completing debugging, turn on power. Place the bottle in between the bottle supporting roller and labeling soft roller, with the bottom of the bottle against the catch pin. pull down the bottle pressing swinging arm, so that the bottle pressing roller press against the bottle to be labeled; by then the lower end of the swinging arm pushes the microswitch to turns it on, and them signal is transferred to the control module which drives the label pulling motor to rotate.
Loosen two fastening screws below the bottle supporting stand (3). Adjust and move the bottle supporting stand (3) according to the diameter of the bottle to be labeled to make the bottle between the bottle supporting roller (2) and labeling soft roller (9). The bigger the bottle diameter is, the larger the distance between the two rollers will be. Fasten the screws when the distance is appropriate.
MT-50W Semi-auto Round Bottle labeling Machine is an ideal semiautomatic labeling device for labelling on cylindrical product, such as round bottle, and it is widely used in daily Chemical, food and beverage, medicine, chemical industry and other light industries.
Since there would be a lot of unexpectable faults occure in the operation of labeling machine, we 'd like to get suggestions from our customers to further upgrade the equipments. Here we provide some common breakdowns and settlements about labeling machines.