Anti-counterfeit Labels in Pharmaceutical Industry

- Wednesday, September 25, 2019

An anti-counterfeit label is an identifier that can be posted and printed on a product to be guarded. Not all products have anti-counterfeit labels, and not all products without security labels are fakes. In general, the posting of anti-counterfeit labels is a powerful way for companies to maintain their own brands. At present, there are about a dozen types of security labels that are used. For example: tamper-evident seals, fragile paper labels, barcode skill labels, laser holographic picture labels, clear security labels, foam film labels, etc.

The application of anti-counterfeiting labels in the pharmaceutical industry is to help consumers distinguish the authenticity of medicines. The quality and safety of medicines and health care products directly affect our health and life safety. For the safety of medicines and health care products, anti-counterfeiting work is an unshirkable responsibility and obligation for enterprises.

Due to the lack of supervision and management of the circulation of goods in the market, the products that are distributed to the market are likely to be counterfeit and shoddy. How can we guarantee that our products will not be stolen during the market circulation? Now, an effective way is to put anti-counterfeiting labels on the packaging of medicines and health products. So what are the advantages of medical anti-counterfeiting labels?


1. Guarantee the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products. Drugs generally consist of four stages of development, production, supply and sales. Nowadays, if the anti-counterfeit label is not posted before leaving the factory, consumers will easily think of it as a counterfeit product. Therefore, posting medical anti-counterfeiting labels is an important part to ensure the quality of products.

2. Establish a brand image. The use of medical anti-counterfeit labels not only clearly shows the production process of the products, but also is a way for pharmaceutical manufacturers to secure and stabilize their product brands. In addition, it can also prevent counterfeiters from copying these products and reducing the production of counterfeit and shoddy products.

3. The use of medical anti-counterfeiting labels is a tool for distinguishing pharmaceutical companies from other medical products, so that purchasers can make authentic and quick verification of drugs. On the one hand, consumers can directly observe and identify through the naked eye; on the other hand, they can also perform query verification through a third-party platform. Anti-counterfeiting labels can also effectively prevent counterfeiters from falsifying drugs, thereby enhancing the safety of medicines and the influence of enterprises.


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