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Blog posts of '2019' 'May'

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging for pharmaceuticals has developed rapidly in recent years. Because of its long shelf life and portability, this package is increasingly popular with pharmaceutical companies and consumers. The tropical aluminum blister package is a packaging form specially developed to enhance the barrier properties of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, and is particularly suitable for packaging food, medicine, health care products and the like which have high barrier performance requirements.
Liquid-filling Hard Capsules Technology -Thursday, May 30, 2019
The development of capsules has been around for thousands of years. In 1500 BC, the first capsule was born in Egypt. From the beginning, the capsule entered a slow development stage. However, for a long time, the capsules did not develop very quickly, mainly due to technical limitations. After the industrial revolution, many new capsule manufacturing technologies were invented, and capsule production entered a new stage of rapid development.
The automatic counting machine is a counting and filling device for solid preparations, which is widely used in the pharmaceutical, health care products, food, pesticide and other industries. It is suitable for tablets, soft and hard capsules, and the like. This equipment can be used alone or as a complete bottling line with other bottling equipment.
With the development of the pharmacy machine’s technology, how to improve the automatization process of pharmacy machine and the efficiency of the produce become more and more urgent. In order to meet the requirements of the pharmacy machine’s development we design and produce a fully enclosed automatic capsule-filling machine on the basis of the former NJP-series machine.
Introduction of Tablet Deduster Machine -Wednesday, May 29, 2019
The high-speed sieve machine uses compressed air to purify, removes the powder by centrifugation and the principle of roller grinding, processes the powder on the outer surface of the tablet and the edge burrs, so that the appearance of the tablet is clean and the edges are regular. The screen box and the power box adopt a quick release structure, which makes the machine easy to assemble and disassemble and clean.
After a long period of working, it is necessary to regularly clean all the parts which contact with powder directly. Cleaning is also required when changing product or stopping using for a long time. The parts in the attached list, such as powder hopper, dosing disk, powder tank, powder wiper, segments, push pins and etc.
Solid preparation - tablet -Tuesday, May 28, 2019
A tablet is a preparation of a wafer or a shaped tablet which is uniformly mixed with a suitable excipient and is compressed by a formulation technique.
The automatic capsule filling machine can reduce labor intensity, increase production efficiency, and meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements. This device is therefore widely used to fill a variety of capsules. Its highly efficient automatic capsule filling efficiency has been well received. So how do operators properly maintain this mechanical device?
NJP Series fully automatic hard capsule filling machine varies its output by varying die assembly (quantity of die hole). It has 9 holes turning out a highest output of 1200 capsules/minute.
Thanks for purchasing the full automatic capsule filling machine produced by our company. This operation manual clearly introduced the working process, method and related cautions for the whole universal type automatic control system. Before you use this control system, please read this operation manual carefully to make sure you use it correctly.