Introduction of Tablet Deduster Machine

- Wednesday, May 29, 2019

High-speed Tablet Sieve Machine

The high-speed sieve machine uses compressed air to purify, removes the powder by centrifugation and the principle of roller grinding, processes the powder on the outer surface of the tablet and the edge burrs, so that the appearance of the tablet is clean and the edges are regular. The screen box and the power box adopt a quick release structure, which makes the machine easy to assemble and disassemble and clean. The parts of the device are made of stainless steel and are fully compliant with GMP requirements.

The sieve machine and the conveying process are completed in a closed sieve box. During the operation, the sieve box and the inlet and outlet ports are under negative pressure and no dust is allowed to escape. This kind of sieve machine adopts AC brushless motor to complete stepless speed regulation, which can meet the powder removal requirements of different output values ​​and different medicines. Its inlet and outlet, angle can be dispatched within the range to meet different operational requirements.

high quality tablet deduster

Uphill Tablet Deduster

The uphill tablet machine is a powder removing device designed and developed by the principle of electromagnetic vibration and step stair. The working principle is that the tablet climbs out from the bottom up by the stainless steel spiral screen like a stairway under the action of the electromagnetic vibration rotating force, and the dust is sucked out by the mesh through the vacuum cleaner.

This powder-removing sieve evenly removes the burrs of the tablet product and adheres to the dust, and does not generate static electricity. This device is widely used in industrial fields such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food, etc. It is a new product of tablet de-dusting equipment.

The sieving machine has the triple function of tablet polishing, dust removal and lifting. The machine inlet can be connected to any type of tablet press, and the outlet can be used in connection with the metal detector. Online production mode for tablet polishing, dust removal, lifting and metal foreign object detection is realized by this kind of machine.

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