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Thanks a lot for purchasing our LF-1080 series small-sized multifunctional continuous air suction/inflating band sealing machine. For your right choose, you possess a safe, practical, high-efficient band sealing machine.
Continuous Band Sealer LF1080 all details of spare parts , Thanks a lot for purchasing our LF1080 Series Continuous Air Suction band sealer/Gas Flushing.
Temperature controller setter method: The screen is two parts,the upside show the current temperature(red), the down show the set temperature(green). Push the “set” button ,the down figure(green) start flash. Then push p button to increase or push q button to decrease,can set the temperature according the thickness of the bag. When the temperature is suitable, need push the SET button again.
Continuous Band Sealer Conveyor tensioning adjustment: When conveyor is too tighten or loosen, spin the “conveyor tensioning adjusting knob” to the tension is suitable. Conveyor table adjustment (front and back): when the work table need adjust, loose the “adjusting lock knob”,then pull or push work table, when it is suitable, tight the “adjusting lock knob”. Conveyor table adjustment (up and down): when the work table need adjust, loose the “lock knob”, then pull the work table up or down,when it is suitable, tight the“lock knob”.
When plug in, Turn on the heating switch,Air suction switch ,print switch and so on.When the temperature reach the one you need,put air suction nozzle into plastic bag, step on the foot switch to start the air suction,remove the air suction mouth from the bag slowly and move the bags forward to conveyor for sealing and date printing.
LF1080 Series Continuous Air Suction band sealer/Gas Flushing is our patented product.This machine is designed according to newest market demand, it can be used for vacuum,sealing and date print.And it is simple,beautiful,multifunctional.