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Tablet Deduster Purchase Guide -Saturday, August 17, 2019
Tablet dedusters are essential equipment in tablet manufacturing companies. Since the pill powder will fly in the air, much dust is generated during the tableting process. Therefore, people use a tablet deduster to quickly remove the powder attached to the surface of the tablet to ensure the smoothness of the drug, keep the production area clean, and reduce the scrap rate.
Before starting the Tablet Deduster Machine SZS200, Please remember to remove the three hex-screws mounted on lower plate, they are for shipping purpose only
Check for damage on packaging when received. If there are, please open the package immediately, and check for damage on the machine and for missing parts. After everything is checked and appeared to be in order, please sign the conformation signature with the shipping company.
Tablet Deduster Machine SZS200 is made of mobile operating platform, main machine, outer cover, accessories and control system. Please see Figure 4. Sketch map of machine structure.
Tablet Deduster Machine SZS200 has utilized many advanced technologies in its creation. This top spin sieve machine is able to act as both elevating and dedusting machine, which made it an unusual combination with other tablet-compressing machine and metal detection machine, and also made it extremely applicable in the filed of pharmacy, chemical engineering, electronics, and food.
The CFQ-310 tablet de-duster is suitable for dust removal of tablets of various shapes and can be used with any type of tablet press. The burrs and dust on the tablet can be removed by vibration and tumbling in the sieve tray. The powder separating device between the layers effectively prevents the powder sifted from the upper sieve tray from falling on the tablets in the lower sieve tray.
Maintenance of CFQ-310 Deduster Machine -Wednesday, June 26, 2019
The CFQ-310 Deduster machine needs to be used in room temperature environment. It should not be used in high temperature, humid, acid and alkaline environment in the long-term, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.
The uphill tablet deduster was developed to remove the powder layer from the tablets pressed by the tablet press. It can be used as a special device for tablets and granular articles that require automatic dust removal. It has a fast output speed, high dust removal efficiency and low noise. The machine is easy to use and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance. Its remarkable feature is that the tablets and dust are divided into two layers for separate output.
Principle of Uphill Deduster -Friday, June 21, 2019
Uphill Deduster utilizes an electromagnetic vibrator to vibrate the spiral dedusting body, thus making the tablet to ascend while being polished a dedusted by the vibrating movement.
Introduction of Tablet Deduster Machine -Wednesday, May 29, 2019
The high-speed sieve machine uses compressed air to purify, removes the powder by centrifugation and the principle of roller grinding, processes the powder on the outer surface of the tablet and the edge burrs, so that the appearance of the tablet is clean and the edges are regular. The screen box and the power box adopt a quick release structure, which makes the machine easy to assemble and disassemble and clean.