Tablet Deduster Machine SZS200: Cleaning, Attention & Maintenance

- Saturday, July 27, 2019


Nonmetal parts: first wash or wipe with neutral detergent, then rinse off with water

Metal parts: clean with water or alcohol based cleaning solution. Warning: Do not use alcohol based cleaning solution on nonmetal parts (especially observational window), which will increase their ageing speed or causing them to crack

Use water or alcohol based cleaning solution to wipe clean vibrating body and electric control box. Warning: DO NOT directly wash the vibrating body and electric control box with water

When all the  cleaning is done, wait for the machine parts to be dry for the next use


Before starting the Tablet Deduster Machine SZS200, Please remember to remove the three hex-screws mounted on lower plate, they are for shipping purpose only

Please make sure the machine’s grounding terminal are in place and working

Machine’s control system has parts with high voltage, please avoid contacting them with hands or water to avoid electrocution

Please make sure that the machine is power off and unplugged before maintenance or cleaning

Please avoid dissembling of the vibrating body. When there are an increase in noise level and distinct decrease in production speed, first remove the outer cover and then check and retighten all the screws. Please avoid dissembling of the springs and adjustment pad whenever possible

Please clean the vacuum tube and corrugated tube regularly to avoid clogging

Please do not clean the nonmetal parts with alcohol based cleaning solution

Please make sure that the machine is perpendicularly sitting on level ground

For safety reasons, when abnormalities occur, please turn off the switch immediately

Please regularly check that the truckles are locked to avoid movement of the machine

When not using for long period of time, please make sure the machine is unplugged. Before the machine can be stored away, please do a maintenance


Everyday check and maintenance

Please follow the following procedures before using the machine on daily bases

  • Wear the right kind of apparel, which should comply with the GMP standard on clothing, shoes, hats, and protective gloves
  • Check all tightening device such as screws and tightening handles
  • Check for power and electric plug
  • No load running should not exceed 10 minutes

Please follow the following guidelines for daily maintenance

  • Check for feeding and discharge port deflection, and check for loosen parts such as truckles. Especially check for tightening device such as screws and tightening handles
  • Keep the inside of the machine clean. Look for and clean off the dust with in the tamp of the vibrating body, the dust-collecting plate and the corrugated tubes
  • Check for piping and connections of the air powered dedusting device, replace when there are leaks or loosen parts
  • When there are abnormal noises or any other abnormalities, stop the machine immediately and check for the source of it
  • Check for tablets left in the machine when the production task is done
  • When the production task is done and the machine has stopped, please thoroughly clean the machine, inside and outside. When cleaning, please follow the cleaning portion of this manual

Periodical check and maintenance

Please check the following weekly

  • Check the sealing of the outer cover and the observational window
  • Check the tightening condition of the parts of the dedusting body
  • Check for the spring and the electromagnet of the vibrating body
  • Check for the operating condition and abnormal noises when the machine is not loaded

Please do the following maintenance weekly

  • Check and adjust the clearance between the electromagnet and the magnet armature
  • Check and adjust the operating condition of the clean air supplier and the vacuum device
  • Check and make sure that the electric control system is fully functional

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