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The machine is electromechanical integration equipment. In order to avoid the equipment appliance from premature aging and damage, the working environment must remain clean and dry. Also, it is prohibited to use the machine in environment of high humidity, high corrosion, and high dust.
It is necessary to connect the ground wire before use (The ground wire should not directly use three-phase outlet for grounding, but a safe and reliable grounding wire should have connected separately, to ensure safe use of electricity), and then switch on the power.
The technology, in which aluminum plastic composite materials get heated and sealed through electromagnetic induction, is a relatively advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology both at home and abroad.
The FR-900/FR-900V continuous plastic bag sealing machine is a new generation automatic sealing machine which integrates sealing, printing and continuous conveying. This is a simple and cost-effective sealing device. According to the actual experience, the following causes are analyzed, and the corresponding solutions are proposed.
Place the Continuous Induction Sealing Machine on the working table steadily, properly grounded (Three-socket grounded directly is not proper, we should use reliable ground wire to ensure safety.) and then connect the power.
Heating aluminum and plastic compound material to seal by electro-magnetic induction is a sealing technology without touching the object. The electro-magnetic induction sealing machine designed by this principle is becoming a necessary equipment in high-quality air-sealing of non-metal bottles such as plastic and glass bottles, which are applied in medicine, pesticides, grease, subsidiary, foodstuffs, health foodstuffs, beverage, cosmetics and chemical field.
Keep the Coding Band sealer body clean and tidy, electrical parts should keep dry, ventilation. Before repairing the machine, must turn off the power. When start to repair, it should be repaired by professional or informed our factory for help.
Coding Band sealer has finished debugging before leave the factory, in order to make the machine working under the best condition, giving full play to the efficiency and service life; it must be operated and maintained by specialist worker. The operator has to be familiar with the whole machine debugging skills and operational procedures, and mastering the operation principle, so as not to damage the machine.
Urgent stop switch: under emergency status, disconnect the power supply. Sealing speed: adjusting the running speed of sealing belts. Printing temperature adjustment: Adjusting temperature of solid-ink roller heating block. Printing position adjustment: Adjusting the position of solid ink coding. Sealing temperature adjustment: adjust and control the temperature of heating block.
Conveyor belt tension adjustment: when the conveyor belt is too loose or too tight, adjusting conveyor belt tension wheel adjustment screw ④ of two sides (right rotation is to be tight, left rotation is to be loose), until the tightness of conveyor belt is appropriate.