Troubleshooting Guide: FR-900/FR-900V Continuous Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

- Thursday, August 15, 2019

The FR-900/FR-900V continuous plastic bag sealing machine is a new generation automatic sealing machine which integrates sealing, printing and continuous conveying. This is a simple and cost-effective sealing device. According to the actual experience, the following causes are analyzed, and the corresponding solutions are proposed.

No. Malfunction State Malfunction Cause Obviating Method
1 Sealing deviation The drive wheel and the passive wheel are not parallel. Adjust the two screws on the passive wheel until the seal is in the correct position.

Sealing belt is easy to break.

The sealing band is too tight. Adjust the longitudinal adjustment screw of the passive wheel seat to adjust the sealing band to the proper tightness.
The sealing band does not travel according to the established orbit.
The sealing band has a crease. Adjust or replace the belt.
The surface of the sealing belt has an adherent film or other contaminant. Remove adherents and dirt in a timely manner.
The sealing belt is easy to burn. It is caused by excessive temperature. Adjust the gap between the heating blocks; or adjust to the appropriate temperature.

Unclear printing
The embossing roller has worn out. Replace the embossing roller.
The compression spring of the embossing roller base is not pressed tightly. Adjust the compression spring of the embossing roller base.
4 There is resistance when the sealing belt is transported. The gap between the heating block or the cooling block is too small and the friction is too large. Adjust the heating block or cooling block to make the gap appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the gap between the two pockets is about the thickness of one layer of packaging, which can ensure the sealing fastness and embossing clarity, and does not extend the ends of the sealing part too long.
5 The bag is blocked or turned at the end of the running to the intermediate pressure roller or embossing roller. The intermediate pressure roller or embossing roller is pressed too tightly. 1. The pressure of the intermediate wheel or embossing wheel should be adjusted properly so that the gap between the two sealing strips is about the thickness of one layer of the bag.
2. After adjusting the clearance, adjust the limit screw.
6 Conveyor belt deviation The active roller shaft is not parallel to the passive roller shaft. Adjust the two conveyor belt tension adjustment knobs of the passive roller shaft (rear shaft) of the conveyor to ensure that the two axes are parallel and ensure proper tightness.
7 Conveyor belt and sealing tape are not synchronized. Conveyor belt is too loose. Properly tension the active roller and intermediate shaft belts so that they are fully in contact with the rollers.
8 Unable to seal The sealing temperature has not reached the appropriate temperature. Reset the temperature controller.
The sealing belt runs too fast. Adjust the speed appropriately.
Heat block gap is too large.

Adjust the heating block to make the gap appropriate.


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