Solid-ink Coding Band sealer FRD-1000: Direction For Using

- Monday, August 5, 2019

Coding Band sealer has finished debugging before leave the factory, in order to make the machine working under the best condition, giving full play to the efficiency and service life; it must be operated and maintained by specialist worker. The operator has to be familiar with the whole machine debugging skills and operational procedures, and mastering the operation principle, so as not to damage the machine.

Put the machine in flat floor, take away the outside wrappage, and   well-ground connect. Before the machine is charged with electricity, all the parts should be checked without loosening, shifting, and etc., it should be adjusted in time if have found . Rotating all spindles by man-made to see if they are turning free, checking all the electric conduction leading wires to see if they broke away from the retention clips, to see if they are lapping  joint, grinding ,hooking with rotation, slidable, lifting devices to impact regular work.

On the basis of sealing material, adjust the suitable distance between up and down heating block and cooling block. The gap between the two sealing belts is about one layer of thickness of the bag is the best, this can ensure the sealing fastness and clear embossing, and will not make the sealing parts extend too long.

On the basis of operation demand, adjusting the conveyor worktable into suitable position.

Connecting with power supply and turn on the power switch, after power indicator light on, adjusting Speed adjustment knob to make all transmission parts synchronous running.

Fine tuning the embossing wheel screw to make the embossing wheel running, until adjust into suitable pressure, fixing the limit screw. 

Turn on the heating switch, after the digital temperature controller green light on, adjusting the needed temperature on the basis of plastic bag material and thickness. When the heating block start to preheat, the machine should runs slowly at the same time. 

On the basis of plastic bag material and thickness to see if need to turn on the cooling fan.

Making the plastic bag alignment of sealing parts and lay down, putting the plastic bag into feed inlet, when the bag sealing part is occlusion by sealing belts, the plastic bag will move forward automatically. At this moment, please do not push or block at random, otherwise the sealing parts will be crumpled or faulted.

When you find the sealing belts and heating block are adhered with garbage, stop running machine to clean at once. Please do not touch them directly by hands when the temperature is high, so as not to scald or bruised.

In order to enhance the useful life of sealing belts, first to adjust the temperature into zero before turning off the machine. Then turn on the cooling fan, the sealing belts should be normal running at the same time, cannot stop. After a period of time, to ensure the temperature of the heating block is under 80 ℃, then can turn off the cooling fan and the power switch.


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