Air-Cooled Induction Sealer LGYF-2000BX: Equipment installation & use precautions

- Monday, August 26, 2019

Equipment installation and use precautions

It is necessary to connect the ground wire before use (The ground wire should not directly use three-phase outlet for grounding, but a safe and reliable grounding wire should have connected separately, to ensure safe use of electricity), and then switch on the power.

The cross-sectional area for power cord and ground wire should be not less than 1.5mm2. In case of use under supply voltage instability, mount AC automatic regulator, to ensure the quality of sealing and prevent damage to the equipment.

The equipment must be used in a dry, clean and ventilated environment, away from various types of heat sources.

Operating in the wet environment with severe acid corrosion will significantly shorten the use life of equipment.

For use in places with many dusts, the dusts in the sensor head and the host must be cleaned regularly.

Electromagnetic Induction Sealer is only applicable for the sealing operations on plastic, glass, paper and other containers, but NOT suitable for those on metal and other derivative capacitors.

The requirements of induction machine sealing for selection of the sensing membrane and the bottle cap:

  • The material of used sensing membrane must be the same as that of the sealed bottle.
  • The optimum thickness range of foil on the sensing membrane is between 0.012 and 0.03mm. For the sensing membrane with the aluminum foil being less than 0.012mm in thickness, sealing speed and quality are not guaranteed.
  • The vacuum aluminum plating composite membrane similar to aluminum foil induction membrane must not used.
  • When using the sensing membrane without paper pad, the bottle mouth and cap must be smooth and without deformation.
  • It is not applicable to non-threaded object sealing using the cover, as the cover can not completely press the sensing membrane flatly and tightly, resulting in the phenomenon of loose sealing closure.

Operation steps

Turn on the power switch (look at whether the voltage is normal), start the cooling fan, delay for 5 seconds and make the main circuit work, press the seal switch to make the seal work.

Note: it is prohibited to continuously and rapidly switch on and off the power supply and seal switch! Wait for at least 5 seconds after turning off the power switch, then re-open the power supply, or else, it would be easy to damage the equipment.

Adjust the sensing head to make it higher than the sealed object by 1 to 3mm. Place the sealed objects on both ends of the sensor head, and check whether the sensor head and the conveyor belt are parallel. If not parallel, adjust the pillar below the conveyor belt to make it parallel.

According to the bottle diameter, select the sealing range of the sensor head.

Press down the sealing switch, and try sealing. If the sealing is not firm, reduce the speed of conveyor belt. If the sealing membrane is burnt, increase the conveyor speed or increase the sensor head. After the requirements on sealing quality are met, continuous automatic sealing operation can start.

To ensure that the seal will be always in the best working condition, conduct the sealing process test, to identify the optimum process parameters and make records. After debugging is done, prevent accidental changes in the normal production. Also conduct regular sampling, to avoid sealing of the substandard products.

When the operating current is excessive, the machine’s over-current protection function is activated, and the conveyor belt automatically stops working. At this time, appropriately pull up the spacing between sensor head and sealed object, to reduce the operating current. After adjustment, re-boot the machine to proceed with the sealing operation.

When the temperature of main circuit of the equipment is excessively high, the thermal overload protection function is activated, and the equipment automatically stops working. After the temperature drops to the normal state, the equipment will automatically start the sealing operation.


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