V Blender Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine V50 Pro

V Blender Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine Mixer V50 Pro (with protective fences) is suitable for use in the pharmaceuticals, chemical and food industries for mixing powder or granular materials.

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V Blender Dry Powder Mixer Blending Machine Mixer V50 Pro (with protective fences)  is a mixing machine from CapsulCN. It is suitable for mixing various dry powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. The mixer has characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and pretty appearance. Its parts in contact with materials are made of stainless steel, which conforms to the CGMP.


  • Simple operation, smooth running, no noise.
  • It can adapt to the mixing of various materials, and the uniformity rate can reach 98%.
  • When mixing materials with frictional properties, or when mixing materials with good fluidity, the mixing effect of the V-type mixer is better.
  • The machine is equipped with universal casters, which is convenient for customers to adjust the position of the equipment according to the situation of the factory.
  • There are safety fences to ensure the safety of the production process.

Working Principles: There is a motor and a speed reducer installed at the right side. The motor drives the speed reducer through a belt. Then, the reducer drives the V-shaped mixing cylinder to work via coupling. As a result, the powder in the V-shaped mixing cylinder is mixed back and forth in all directions in the cylinder.


Model V-50 Pro
Volume 50L
Max. filling capacity 20L
Best filling capacity 16L
Motor power 0.75kW
Rotational speed 36r/min
Dia. of inlet 150mm
Dia. of outlet 80mm
Machine dimension 1320x1120x1100(mm)
Machine weight About 200 kg
Operation dimension Φ950* 1295 mm
Packing dimension 1480*1280*1360(mm)
Packing weight 210 kg


  • Place the machine on a flat and sturdy surface so it will run smoohtly and effciently.
  • It is necessary to clean the hopper completely when changing materials or when finishing a run.

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