Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine LGYF-2000BX: Maintenance & Repair

- Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Maintenance and repair

The machine is electromechanical integration equipment. In order to avoid the equipment appliance from premature aging and damage, the working environment must remain clean and dry. Also, it is prohibited to use the machine in environment of high humidity, high corrosion, and high dust.

The instrument switches on the operator control panel shall not be immersed with water or other liquids, so as not to cause damage or leakage. During operation, do not use excessive force, so as to extend the service life.

The transmission part should be often added with the proper amount of lubricants, and no phenomena of blockade or serious friction should exist.

The sensor head and the electrical appliance in the chassis have high-voltage electricity. The untrained professional electrician shall not open the sensor head and the back cover of the electrical box, to avoid electric shock accidents.

Warranty period

Continuous Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine has a warranty period of one year. During the warranty period, if the equipment quality problem arises during operation in accordance with requirements of this manual, the company is responsible for free repair, replacement of parts and original device until the replacement of a new machine.

The purchaser of this equipment shall request the Company or the local dealer to issue equipment warranty card and keep them in proper custody, as the future warranty certificate.

Not under warranty responsibility

There is no warranty proof.

The user has disassembled and repaired the machine on its own.

The user has caused equipment failure, damaged parts and electronic components for not operating as per the requirements in this manual.

Damages are resulted out of too low or too high supply voltage.

The warranty period expires.

Damages are caused due to human factors.

When the above situation occurs, the Company provides paid repair services.


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