Maintenance of CFQ-310 Deduster Machine

- Wednesday, June 26, 2019


1. The CFQ-310 deduster machine needs to be used in room temperature environment. It should not be used in high temperature, humid, acid and alkaline environment in the long-term, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.

2. Check before operation

  • (1) Operate empty machine, observe whether the machine is flexible or not.
  • (2) Check if the sieve tray is in good condition.
  • (3) Observe whether the power supply is normal and the power cord is damaged.
  • (4) The machine should be well grounded.

3. After each use, the work surface needs to be cleaned up.

4. Clean

Always clean the powder with a vacuum cleaner (Note: Do not remove the device that does not store the powder)

5. Regular maintenance

Wipe the surface of the machine with alcohol, then wipe the surface of the machine with a soft, dry cloth.


1. It is strictly forbidden to directly rinse the deduster with water.

2. Do not disassemble the parts below the sieve machine tray. When it sounds too noisy and the sifting speed is significantly reduced, the retaining ring can be removed and the screws of each piece can be tightened, but the components cannot be removed.



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