Tablet Screening Device Pill Deduster Machine CFQ-310

The machine is pharmaceutical processing equipment that removes the fine surface dust from tablets through using vibratory effect. It is suitable for dedusting all types tablets.

$1,169.00 USD
* Power Supply:


The machine is pharmaceutical processing equipment that removes the fine surface dust from tablets through using vibratory effect. It is suitable for dedusting all types tablets.
Dedusting is achived in three steps process with throughput of approx. 550,000 tablets per hour.
First the tablets are pushed by gentle vibration down a nine feet long perforated stainless steel tray to shake off the dust .
Then when the tablets reach the perforated bottom tray, the compressed air blows off any remaining dust.
Finally the dust is removed by a vacuum dust collector. Vibration is easily adjustable using a Electronic Vibration Controller.
All parts coming in contact with product are made of S.S. 316 and coveris made of acrylic.


Model CFQ-310
Capacity 550,000pcs/hour
Max Dimensions Φ25mm
Compressed Air 1.8m³/min-0.01MPa
Vacuum 0.1m³/min-0.05MPa
Power Supply 220V 50Hz 1P/ 110V 60Hz 1P
Power 75W
Idle Load Noise ≤60 dB
Inlet Height 86-100cm
Size 380*340*890mm
Machine Weight (kg) 31.5kg


This price is excluding vacuum cleaner.
The home-use cleaner that with 32mm connector is suitable for this polisher.


  • Constructed according to GMP specifications.
  • Easy height adjustment, full 360° freedom of rotation at tablet inlet.
  • The process can be monitored visually at all times through the acrylic housing.
  • Optimal dedusting and deburring capabilities thanks to a combination of vibration, dust agitation, air and vacuum suction.
  • For cleaning the deduster can be disassembled easily and without tools by a single person.


1.Compression nut 2.Upper cover 3.Inlet 4.Upper sieve
5.Cover 6.Lower sieve 7.Rubber ring 8.Tray
9.Vacuum cleaner interface 10.Outlet 11.Speed control knob 12.Base


After the Deduster Machine is placed smoothly, connect the vacuum cleaner according to the Vacuum cleaner interface and plug it in. Adjust the speed control knob on the machine to change the output speed.


Installation and use environment of the machine

The requirement is room temperature, and it should not be used in high temperature, humid, acid and alkaline environment in the long-term, so as not to affect the service life, efficiency and precision of the equipment.

Use tools and materials

Dry soft cloth, alcohol.

Before using

Run the machine dry and observe whether the machine is flexible or not.

Check that the sieve tray is intact.

Check if the power supply is normal and the power cord is damaged.

The machine should be well grounded.

After use

After each use, you need to clean the work surface. Clean the powder with a vacuum cleaner. Do not remove the device that does not store the powder.

Regular maintenance

Wipe the surface of the machine with alcohol, then wipe the surface of the machine with a soft, dry cloth.


Do not rinse the Deduster Machine directly with water.

Do not disassemble the parts below the Deduster Machine tray. When the noise is too high and the machine speed drops significantly, remove the retaining ring and tighten the screws, but do not remove the parts.

Electric Circuit

  • D1: Whole line two-stage tube
  • K: Power switch
  • W: Variable resistance
  • DT: Oscillation coil
  • PE: Ground

Note: When connecting the variable resistors, avoid contact with the surrounding metal casing to prevent the casing from being charged.


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