CFQ Series Uphill Tablet Deduster Operation

- Monday, June 24, 2019

The uphill tablet deduster was developed to remove the powder layer from the tablets pressed by the tablet press. It can be used as a special device for tablets and granular articles that require automatic dust removal. It has a fast output speed, high dust removal efficiency and low noise. The machine is easy to use and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance. Its remarkable feature is that the tablets and dust are divided into two layers for separate output.

Basic Structures:

CFQ uphill deduster

1.Compression nut 2.Upper cover 3.Inlet 4.Up-screening device
5.Casing 6.Down-screening device 7.Rubber band 8.Tray
9.Vacuum cleaner interface 10.Outlet 11.Speed control knob 12.Base


  1. Fasten vacuum pipe hole with the discharge outlet.
  2. Open the vacuum cleaner.
  3. Take the tablets and pour into the vessel.
  4. Switch on and adjust the vibrating frequency.
  5. Place the vessel on the discharging gate and collect pills.

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