Tablet Deduster Purchase Guide

- Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tablet dedusters are essential equipment in tablet manufacturing companies. Since the pill powder will fly in the air, much dust is generated during the tableting process. Therefore, people use a tablet deduster to quickly remove the powder attached to the surface of the tablet to ensure the smoothness of the drug, keep the production area clean, and reduce the scrap rate.

At present, the quality of the deduster on the market is constantly improving. All parts in contact with the medicine are made of stainless steel, and the sanitary conditions of the equipment meet the GMP standards.

Choose a good equipment to ensure stable operation. The following factors should be considered when selecting a drug sieve machine.

1. The shape and the size of the tablet.

Different devices have different applications for the shape and size of the tablets. For example, our CFQ-310 deduster is suitable for a maximum tablet diameter of 25mm. If you produce a tablet that is larger than 25mm in diameter, it may not be appropriate to purchase this type of device.

2. The output speed of the device and the maximum output.

The output speed of the device is its production efficiency. The production speed of different equipment will have an impact on the overall production efficiency of the tablets.

3. Is it necessary to have a metal detector?

Metal detectors effectively remove magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities from flakes, granules and capsule materials. This equipment can be used with a deduster or it can be used alone.

4. Drum type sieve machine or rotary deduster?

The vibrating rotary tablet deduster adopts a vertical conveying structure. Small footprint is one of its advantages. In addition, due to their long conveying paths, the dust removal time is extended and the dust removal effect is enhanced. However, the device uses a vibration mode. For fragile tablets, it is necessary to control the amplitude and strength of the vibration. The drum type deduster uses compressed air purging, centrifugal powder removal, and drum grinding principle to remove the dust and edge burrs attached to the tablets.

drum type deduster


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