Troubleshooting Guide: CFQ-310 Tablet Deduster

- Monday, July 22, 2019

The CFQ-310 tablet deduster is suitable for dust removal of tablets of various shapes and can be used with any type of tablet press. The burrs and dust on the tablet can be removed by vibration and tumbling in the sieve tray. The powder separating device between the layers effectively prevents the powder sifted from the upper sieve tray from falling on the tablets in the lower sieve tray. With the vacuum cleaner device and compressed air, the surface of the tablet can be clean, bright and does not generate static electricity.

tablet deduster with vacuum cleaner

Here are a trobleshooting guide to help you better and more quickly solve some problems occured in operation.

Malfunction state Malfunction cause Obviating method Remarks
Machine does not work after it is powered on.

The power plug and socket are not in good contact. Check and trim to ensure a good connection between plug and socket. If the power supply is still weak, contact the manufacturer and it needs to be repaired by a professional.

Cable looses.
The device is not placed on the stand. Put the device on the stand.
Deduster don’t work properly

Partial sieve deformation Inspect, trim or replace the sieve

Solder joint de-soldering of the sieve or damage to the sieve due to overuse
If the ground is not level, the machine will not run smoothly. Move the machine to flat ground.
Large noise with slight impact sound Component is not installed correctly. Check and install and adjust correctly
Fastener looses.
Tablet dropped into the powder tray Sieve position change Tightening sieve/inlet/discharge port after check and adjust
Feed inlet or discharge port loose



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