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- Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A tablet is a preparation of a wafer or a shaped tablet which is uniformly mixed with a suitable excipient and is compressed by a formulation technique.

The tablets are mainly oral tablets, and there are also sublingual tablets, oral patches, chewable tablets, dispersible tablets, effervescent tablets, vaginal tablets, immediate release or sustained release or controlled release tablets and enteric coated tablets.

Tablets are one of the most widely used, most productive and widely used dosage forms. Many powders, pills, decoctions, extracts and other dosage forms have been converted into tablets.

Characteristics of Tablets:

The reason why tablets are widely used is that they have the following characteristics:

(1) The dose is accurate. As long as the prescription design is reasonable and the process is ideal, the difference in the main drug content of the tablet is small.

(2) The quality is stable. The tablet is a solid preparation, and after being pressed, the sheet has a small pore size, which is disadvantageous for penetration of moisture and the like.

(3) High degree of mechanization, large output and low cost.

(4) The transportation, carrying, storage and use of tablets are extremely convenient.

Tablet production:
The preparation of the tablet is divided into a direct compression method and a granulation tableting method, and the latter is further divided into a wet granulation tableting method and a dry granulation tableting method, wherein the wet granulation tableting method is most commonly used.


Tablet Deduster

This is a tablet deduster used in pharmaceutical processing.



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