What are the advantages of blister packaging?

- Friday, May 31, 2019

Aluminum-plastic blister packaging for pharmaceuticals has developed rapidly in recent years. Because of its long shelf life and portability, this package is increasingly popular with pharmaceutical companies and consumers. The tropical aluminum blister package is a packaging form specially developed to enhance the barrier properties of aluminum-plastic blister packaging, and is particularly suitable for packaging food, medicine, health care products and the like which have high barrier performance requirements.

blister packaging

Here are some advantages of blister packaging:

1. Portability. Blister packages are more portable than bottled medicines. This kind of packaging can reduce the pollution caused by the drug during carrying and taking. Because the blister package has good sealing performance, it can be waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof and prolong the protection period. In addition, it has obvious advantages in terms of production efficiency, dose accuracy and the like.

2. Security. Another advantage of blister packaging is that the fully automated packaging process maximizes the safety of the pharmaceutical packaging. The fully automatic blister packaging machine includes the forming of the blister, the filling of the medicine, the sealing, the molding of the outer packaging carton, the folding and insertion of the manual, the insertion of the blister board and the sealing of the carton, all in one process. In addition to the high degree of automation, advanced blister packaging machines also have a number of safety testing devices, including the identification and testing of the box and instructions, which greatly improves safety and hygiene, and effectively reduces the misassembly of drugs.

3. Light weight. The blister pack is lighter in weight. In addition, the blister has a certain elasticity and thus has a certain cushioning performance. The packaged product does not require additional cushioning material when it is packaged, which saves storage space and reduces the cost of packaging.

4. Intuitive. Consumers can directly see the shape and size of the product through a transparent blister. What’s more, its substrate can print basic information such as product code, name, specification part number and barcode.


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