Automatic Capsule Filling Machine NJP Series Instruction Manual

- Wednesday, May 29, 2019

With the development of the pharmacy machine’s technology, how to improve the automatization process of pharmacy machine and the efficiency of the produce become more and more urgent. In order to meet the requirements of the pharmacy machine’s development, we design and produce a fully enclosed automatic capsule-filling machine on the basis of the former NJP-series machine. This machine’s structure, power supply controlling, vacuum and aspirate system are all ameliorated innovatively. featuring human-machine interface, PLC, sound sealing, variable-frequency stepless speed adjustment, easy operation, high ratio of capsule mount, precise dosage, low energy consumption, high yield, product standardization and serialization. The main technical parameters lead the trade in China. With different specifications of mould, No. 00 to No. 5 hard capsules and safety capsules A, B, C, D, E can be filled. Both slow-released pellets fill and mixed fill with powder and pellets can be realized. We can say it is really the most advanced machine in the pharmacy machinery producing line. Generally speaking, it is the machine which concentrating the structure, electric and air to a body. It is the best machine for china pharmacy factory.

The main innovated parts:

  • With the patent technology of totally enclosed patent technology in the working table, it solves the inconvenience of dismantling and washing moulds, and the problem of adjusting mould assembly precision.(Patent No.: ZL 99 2 54535.8)
  • The dose adjusting device adopts stand adjusting patent technology, which can conduct trim the dose under no-stop state.(Patent No.: ZL 99 2 54534.X)
  • Adopting the lower cam structure in the working table rotation , it has good lubrication results and low wearing , prolonging the service life of the parts.

This operation manual including the following information(The following parameters are based on NJP-1200C):

  1. Technical Data
  2. Installation and Debug
  3. Working Principle
  4. Operation Instruction
  5. Operation Guide of the Touch Screen
  6. Maintenance and Cleaning of the Machine

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