Automatic Capsule Filling Machine NJP Series Installation and Debug

- Thursday, May 23, 2019

Before using our NJP series automatic capsule filling machines, you should read our Installation and Debug Guide carefully to make the machine work better.


The machine shall be installed on level ground of adequate bearing capacity. Should the machine be installed upstairs, the bearing ability of the floor shall not be lower than 1000 kg/m2. Rubber cushion shall be installed to resist shock. The bench of the machine shall be adjusted to horizontal level with level instrument.

In order to avoiding damaging the parts of the computer in the machine, moving and locating the machine should be light. Rubber pads should be firmly put under the beds of the machine to decrease vibration. The floor should be level and without vibration.

Further check: manually rotate the machine for some rotations and lubricate every part in accordance with relevant stipulation.To prevent contamination, carefully clean all parts that directly contact the medicine with alcohol.

Do not turn on the power switch unless you make sure the voltage and frequency are suitable for this machine. Since frequency converter controls motor of machine, the Revolving Platform is always rotating clockwise. Check whether the rotational direction of dust collector is identical to the mark, if the direction is wrong, exchange the two wires of power supply. The vacuum pump, dust collector and mix motor are identical in the inner line.

Secondary equipments’ installation

The secondary equipments (such as vacuum pump and cleaner) should be installed separate from the main machine in order to decrease noise.

Connect the vacuum pump and cleaner with main machine.

Switch on the power supply, the voltage should be accordant with the main machine’s requirement.


Checking whether all the bolts, screws, nuts, and iron pins are firm or loose. (Before shipment, all the fastening pieces must be checked carefully to avoid damage, falling off and the other troubles in transportation.)

Using the accessorial special handy wheel to invaginate the caudal shaft of the motor, running the wheel to make the machine work 3-5 circular rotations. In this way, we can find whether all the parts are adjusted properly or not.

Turn on the switch and to start the machine. Letting the machine run freely without capsule and drug powder for two hours.


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