Purchase High-Speed Automatic Labeling Machine for Pharmaceutical Packaging

- Friday, October 11, 2019

Due to the characteristics of the high-speed automatic labeling machine, its development has promoted the development of the entire industry. Nowadays, automatic labeling machines have been well developed, and their types in the market are also various. In the pharmaceutical industry, the labeling machine does not seem to matter, but its presence can indeed be of great help to manufacturing. On the one hand, it improves efficiency. The high-speed labeling machine has faster labeling speed and better quality than previous models, which can easily meet the needs of high-speed mass production lines. On the other hand, high-quality labeling equipment can avoid frequent maintenance and failures that may be encountered with low-quality labeling systems. It can be matched with affordable printed materials to save economic costs.

automatic labeler

The various properties of the machine should be considered when selecting a high-speed automatic labeler:

  • 1. Production efficiency:
    For production companies, production efficiency directly affects the efficiency of the enterprise. To improve the production efficiency of high-speed automatic labeler, it is necessary to take into account the relevant data such as conveyor belt transmission speed and bidding speed. An important factor in the high-speed labeling machine to ensure the quality of the labeling product is that the existing equipment is equipped with the function of automatically calculating the length of the label.
  • 2. Labeling effect:
    The labeling process belongs to the post-packaging process of the product. The quality of the label is directly related to the appearance of the product. The labeling accuracy is high, the printing effect is good, the label is flat and not wrinkled, all of which will leave a good impression on the consumer.
    To improve the labeling effect and effective quantity of the auto labeling machine, it is necessary to remove the possible influences. For example, in order to prevent air bubbles from appearing during labeling, attention should be paid to eliminating static electricity near the equipment during labeling to avoid bad labeling effects. Appropriately increase the labeling pressure of the label and the adhesion of the label and the bottle body, and keep the contact position of the container and the label as straight as possible, thereby improving the aesthetic effect of the overall package.
  • 3. Stability.
    A good automatic labeler needs to have a reasonable mechanical structure design. Various lines are arranged regularly, and the components are structurally stable, so as to ensure that the machine operates normally under long-term high load conditions.

How to choose labeling machine? Here are some tips.


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