Fast Drug Recycle Device – Deblistering Machine

- Monday, September 23, 2019


At present, in the field of pharmaceutical preparations, many granules, tablets and capsules, are packed with a blister pack. In the preparation process of blister-packed medicines, some unqualified products may be generated due to batch coding, drug detection, etc. These unqualified drugs need to be removed from the blister package for recycling or destruction. In addition, a large number of returned drugs and drugs with expired stocks need to be removed and destroyed. The deblistering machine is designed for these purposes.


Advantages of the deblister machine:

1. Reduce the labor intensity and improve efficiency. If the capsule or tablet needs to be recycled in large quantities, it is not only inefficient, but also requires a lot of manpower and labor costs to be manually removed from the tablet. The device automatically removes the tablet from the plate. About 60-70 blisters can be recycled per minute, which is extremely efficient.

2. A wide range of applications. It is designed for all aluminum-plastic blister packaging, so it is basically possible to remove all the capsules or tablets in the aluminum-plastic packs.

3. Safety and no bacterial contamination. When the capsule or tablet is recycled by the deblistering machine, direct contact with pills and capsules is avoided, ensuring the hygiene and safety of the drugs.


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