Basic Requirements for Pharmaceutical Packaging

- Friday, July 26, 2019

The packaging and use of medicines are getting more and more people's attention. The improvement of people's living standards and the increasing proportion of patients choosing medicines are no longer just satisfied with its functional and practical value. Due to the special nature of pharmaceutical packaging, the following requirements must be met when designing the packaging:

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1. Adapt to the needs of different circulation conditions

Drugs in the circulation field can be affected by transportation handling conditions, storage time, climate change, etc., so the packaging of drugs should be compatible with these conditions. For example, when medicines that cannot resist cold are sent to cold areas, cold-proof packaging should be added; medicine packaging measures should be considered in areas with the highest relative humidity. Similarly, when packaging exported drugs, the specific situation of the exporting country should be fully considered, so that the possibility of affecting the quality of the drug due to packaging can be minimized.

2. Adapt to the content

The packaging should take different measures in combination with the physical and chemical properties of the contained drugs and the characteristics of the dosage form. Light-shielding containers should be used for drugs that are prone to deterioration in light, or for drugs that are easily oxidized in the air; bottled liquid medicines should be shock-proof and pressure-proof.

3. Meet the standardization requirements

The packaging that meets the standardization requirements is conducive to ensuring the quality of the drug, facilitating the transportation, loading and unloading and storage of the drug; facilitating the identification and measurement, and the reduction of packaging, transportation and storage costs.

In addition, pharmaceutical packaging also has some specific requirements, such as pharmaceutical packaging (including transportation packaging) must be sealed, or used anti-theft cover, bottle caps, etc.; labels must be posted and should not be placed with drugs into the bottle; medicines whose seal, label, packaging container, etc. are damaged, may not be shipped and sold. The standard labels for special management drugs, non-prescription drugs and external medicines must be printed on the label.


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